A new Android Auto update is available, but it’s missing the expected update

A new Android Auto update is available, but it’s missing the expected update

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  • Through an upgrade to the Play Store, Google has made available to users a new version of its Android Auto platform. The platform was anticipated to undergo a substantial revamp as a result of the update. This is not the case, though, because the latest Android Auto 8.0 upgrade seems to be quite small. based on 9to5Google, This week, Android Auto received an update, but it didn’t include the eagerly anticipated UI tweaks.

  • The revamp that was announced in May has not yet materialised. A new version of Google’s Android Auto service is being released. The much-anticipated UI revamp is still absent from the most recent upgrade with the 8.0 edition. Split screen functionality for automobile screens was added as part of the makeover that was unveiled in May. By redesigning the UI, users will no longer have to switch between apps while driving and will have a more simple method to navigate.

Google declared it would make big modifications to Android Auto at the May I/O presentation. Along with that, there is a brand-new “Coolwalk” user interface with split screen support for “all screen sizes and form factors.”

According to Google, availability for more automobiles with all screen sizes should be given priority. Google estimates that there are approximately 15 million Android Auto-capable vehicles worldwide. All of the aforementioned aspects strike me as desirable. However, the update is still not visible as of now. Sadly, Google did not give a precise timeframe for when customers could anticipate this new UI. There is still one month till autumn, so the wait shouldn’t be too bad since the firm did mention it would launch “this summer.”

Users’ choices are taken into account in the redesign in order to highlight their apps on the Android Auto dashboard. For instance, the new split screen functionality would enable users to quickly and easily configure their Maps for navigation, their chosen music app, and a recent discussion box. The intention is to minimise the necessity for app switching and provide a practical method of engaging with the display while driving.

Having said that, it is hoped that the problematic problems that Android smartphone users have been experiencing will be fixed by this new version. Once you’ve completed installing the most recent version of Android Auto from the Google Play Store, there are a few methods to add app shortcuts to Android Auto to make driving even more convenient.

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