a list of the best Virtual Boy games

a list of the best Virtual Boy games

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  • With a catalogue of just 22 games released between both territories, it’s an infamous example of one of Nintendo’s more outlandish products completely missing the mark. But does it really deserve its reputation? Surely there are a couple of stone-cold classics in its library which would make tracking down a Virtual Boy worth it, no?

  • An odd concept for a console that delivered rudimentary (and very red) autostereoscopic 3D gaming through a built-in viewer, its development was led by legendary Nintendo engineer Gunpei Yokoi, the same man behind the Game & Watch handhelds and the all-conquering Game Boy. Virtual Boy launched in Japan on 21st July 1995, but performed very poorly, both at home and in North America. So poorly, in fact, that it never reached European shores at all; production was discontinued after only five months in its homeland.

In honour of the console’s 25th anniversary, we’ve ranked all 22 games in order of merit below. To hear more about each game, check out our reviews for each and every one. That these games never found their way to 3DS feels like a real missed opportunity, that’s for sure – especially to poor Europeans for whom the Virtual Boy represents a tantilising missing piece of the Nintendo puzzle.

Waterworld (VB).

With the console now a quarter of a century old, perhaps it’s time to dig through the cupboard here at Nintendo Life HQ and fire up the ol’ Boy again

Virtual Lab (VB)

Virtual League Baseball (VB)

Space Invaders: Virtual Collection (VB)

SD Gundam Dimension War (VB) Virtual Fishing (VB)

Insmouse No Yakata (VB) Teleroboxer (VB)

Mario Clash (VB) Golf (VB)

V-Tetris (VB)  


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