A Glens Falls Resident Transforms Listening Experiences | Local

A Glens Falls Resident Transforms Listening Experiences |  Local

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  • The shop is open to the public by appointment, and every Saturday from 12pm to 6pm, people can bring in records or her CDs for a listening experience through Fibhorn speakers. Here she learned a variety of industry-specific trades such as designing tube circuits, building and modifying turntables, and building speakers.

  • Duke Ellington’s hypnotic piano performance greeted visitors to the Listening Place on Maple Street on Monday. Sally Strasser created a listening experience based on the Fibonacci sequence (a mathematical formula in which each number is the sum of her two previous numbers) in her shop through her original Five Horn speaker. After relocating from her Thompson Avenue in the Falls, she opened her Maple Street location in 2005 and developed her first five-horn speaker in 2010.

She was very adept at creating conventional loudspeakers that were considered the industry standard by the mid-’80s. During this time, Strasser made her breakthrough. Victor Her Orthophonic Her Player was the first device on the planet that could play music faithfully to the Fibonacci sequence,” she said. This prompted Strasser to bring aspects of her 1925 gramophone to modern electronic loudspeakers.

Of course, all live music correlates to a sequence, so speakers need to be tuned to the sequence for a true listening experience, Strasser said. All in all, Strasser sells 65 pairs of loudspeakers at various price points. The largest speaker costs him $5,000, while the smaller version is aroun

“As far as I know, no one has ever done that before,” Strasser said. This means that “the internal structure of the cabinet accommodates any dimensional progression,” says Strasser. Strasser said it is possible to assign numbers to sound waves. This is a measure of cycles per second. “All music is nothing but vibrations per second. All the different pitches of this music in this measurement always fit into the Fibonacci sequence,” Strasser said.

d $350.

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