A free demo is already available for Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Deluxe, which launches on February 24th

News Summary:

  • In his Wii version of the game, Kirby and his friends help an alien named Magorol collect his 120 energy orbs to repair the ship, and in return, Magorol offered to transport them to his home planet. However, Magorol was just a plot device for him at the time, not a playable character. The Nintendo Switch version includes a new epilogue that can be accessed after completing the main story, making Magoror a playable character with a unique special ability, as revealed in the latest trailer.

  • Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe has a confirmed release date thanks to the latest Nintendo Direct. Originally only available on the Wii, the game is coming a few weeks later for the Nintendo Switch on February 24th. A free demo with selectable levels and subgames is now available for download from the Nintendo eShop.

In Magorol’s epilogue, the interdimensional traveler loses all power and must escape the interdimensional realm. The player is limited to simple attacks and jumps and must collect magic points from defeated enemies to help him regain his powers. There are 20 of his abilities that can be restored, and the player can choose the order in which they unlock them, making each playthrough unique based on the player’s choices. Additionally, up to four players can explore this magical realm together.

Outlets like GameRant took a chance to preview the game and discovered new features that make the game more fun, such as: B. A hub world that provides access to mini-games and cosmetic masks. This allows playable characters to distinguish between them during chaotic co-op play. The game added some new enemies (and corresponding morphs to his suit) and some ultimate transformations, not to mention remapping all Wii controls to his Joy-Con on Switch. Multiplayer remains the game’s main attraction, but there are other new features revealed at the Nintendo Direct last September. For example, Kirby’s mecha transformation, his style of comic style art, new sub-games, and more. Contains a demo.