A burglar was sentenced to jail after hitting one Laptop and stole a hard drive with valuable family pictures

A burglar was sentenced to jail after hitting one Laptop and stole a hard drive with valuable family pictures

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  • Paul Robins burgled two properties on Glenroy Street in Roath on June 12, 2020, taking away with him some very valuable items belonging to the occupants.

  • A man burgled two houses on the same Cardiff street, stealing cherished memories from one of his victims.

He entered the first house at 2.30am and took a laptop, a hard drive that contained family photos, a Samsung Galaxy, an iPhone case, a single sandal and a single shoe. The occupants woke up at 8.30am the following morning and contacted police when they realised their belongings were missing.

Robins was caught out after PC Ceri Evans attended the YMCA Hostel to find him on an unrelated matter, and the officer spotted the distinctive looking sandal and shoe that had been reported missing earlier. The travel card was also subsequently discovered. He was arrested on suspicion of burglary.

The second victim awoke to find a bottle of Jack Daniels taken from inside his home and left outside on his doorstep, something be believed was done by his housemate. He thought nothing of it until police, who had investigated the first incident, came to his house with a travel card which belonged to him. He later discovered a coat and his travel card had been taken.

Robins, 32, of Parc Prison in Bridgend, appeared for sentencing at Cardiff Crown Court having been convicted of burglary dwelling and theft.

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A victim impact statement was read out on behalf of the first victim, which heard: “My wife and I have been in the UK a few years now and before Cardiff we lived in Hatfield and Reading. Nothing like that happened there. We can replace the laptop and the hard drive, I don’t care about that, but we can’t replace what’s on the drive. Priceless family photographs. “When police told me someone had been arrested for breaking into my house I felt a surge of hope, but when they said they had not found the laptop I felt hopeless again. I even asked police if I could pay the man who had been arrested if he could find out where it is. It contains work and photos of happy times in our life which our young child will now not see.

“I went to sleep thinking these things were safe in my own home. I don’t think I will be able to relax again, not in Cardiff anyway.” Paul Lewis, for Robin, said: “His record suggests the difficulties this gentleman has had in his life with substance abuse of one sort of another. He has spent a considerable amount of his adult life behind bars or in custody in one shape or form.


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