A browser for the Apple Watch costs 99 cents

A browser for the Apple Watch costs 99 cents

Tech Highlights:

  • For only 99 cents, you can install the µBrowser on your watch via the App Store. But note that the listing for it states that “While it is limited it is (a) good way to browse the web when you have no other device around.” These limitations mean that some sites don’t load that fast and some might not load at all. If a website uses a custom font, it will look different on your wrist because the browser will only show standard fonts. When we ran PhoneArena on the browser, photos didn’t appear and some of the longer stories were cut off. Still, it is a useful tool even though directly entering the URL didn’t seem to work for us; we had to search for a website via DuckDuckGo before it would load on the watch.

  • While the Apple Watch has many amazing features, it lacks a browser, making it the world’s most popular timepiece. The reason for this is due to the watch’s limited screen space. However, for certain Apple Watch models, there is an app that adds a browser to the device. You can get a browser for your Apple Watch for less than a buck.

There is a companion app that will appear on your iPhone that can be used to bookmark certain sites. You can also see your last visited pages and save pages from the history to your favorites. With the Series 7 timepiece, the native QWERTY keyboard makes it easy to type in a URL. If you have an older model that isn’t equipped with the keyboard, we suggest tapping the microphone icon that allows you to speak the name of the website that you want to visit.

The µBrowser is not going to replace the browser on your phone, but when you need to check the headlines on your watch quickly, this is an option you can use in a pinch. And keep in mind that the Apple Watch Series 8, which should greet the light of day next September, is rumored to feature three different models next year including at least one with a larger screen size.

The app does have some requirements. Obviously the larger Apple Watch Series 7 models work better and load faster but the browser does perform on the Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 4, Series 5, and Series 6. Your watch must be running watchOS 8 or higher and the paired iPhone must have iOS 15 and up installed. It won’t replace the browser on your phone, but the µBrowser might come in handy when you need to eyeball a website quickly

The 45mm Apple Watch Series 7 has the largest screen on any Apple Watch model at 1.9-inches. Besides the flagship Apple Watch Series 8, next year we could Apple launch an updated Watch SE model, and a rugged variant of the device made for physically active users. The tipster disseminating this rumor is display industry insider Ross Young.

Hey, remember those images of a flat-edge Apple Watch Series 7 that tipsters like Jon Prosser and others swore up and down would be the design of the Apple Watch Series 8? As you know the tipsters put too much faith in their sources. But it is possible that these guys may be partially vindicated when the new Apple Watch is introduced next September.

Remember this render that fell FLAT on its face? The design could be back for the Apple Watch Series 8 – 99 cents buys you a browser for your Apple Watch. Remember this render that fell FLAT on its face? The design could be back for the Apple Watch Series 8. The buzz around the water cooler is that the flat-edge design was supposed to debut on the 2022 Apple timepiece, which does make sense. On the other hand, considering Tim Cook’s disdain for leaks, in the back of your mind you have to wonder whether Apple purposely set up some tipsters by making sure that some incorrect images of the Series 7 would be leaked.

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