31 new emojis have been proposed for Android and iOS

31 new emojis have been proposed for Android and iOS

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  • New Emojis Soon to Arrive to iOS and Android. Ultimately, final designs will vary depending on what major companies like Apple and Google choose. In the meantime, Emojipedia’s Joshua Jones has provided sample illustrations for the current emoji candidates. Want it now? Get it today with Store Pickup. Every room, every moment, everything you need to home, happier Emojis are subject to change prior to final approval. Right now, the new additions are still in the draft stage. The Unicode Consortium will finalize the list of new emojis in September. However, in recent years, most candidates have seen acceptance.

  • Emoji lovers, get ready for some potential newcomers. According to reports from today, iOS and Android could get up to 31 new emojis next year. A goose, a shaking face, and a delicate blue heart are among the new emojis. Several new emojis are currently being considered by the Unicode Consortium for Emoji 15. Hearts, a donkey, a moose, a black bird, jelly fish, a hair pick, maracas, a flute, a folding hand fan, a pea pod, a hyacinth, a ginger, a goose, a wing, and a Khanda are some of the new options.

Emojipedia has created sample illustrations of what the new emojis may look like. (Photo Credit: Emojipedia). Once the new emojis have seen confirmation, Apple will need to update iOS, watchOS, iPadOS and macOS to support the new emojis, which will likely occur early next year. Additionally, iOS 16 is also bringing a rather healthy update to Memoji characters. The latest iOS update delivers several new customization options, including new hairstyles, poses, noses and neutral lip colors. Any user with a TrueDepth camera is able to create a Memoji of themselves, and they can use them within Messages as well as FaceTime.

Also for iOS 16, users that want may also use any Memoji sticker as their contact image. This is an improvement from iOS 15, where only certain facial poses worked as contact images. New sticker poses in iOS 16 include a chef’s kiss, a yawn, hands below the chin, dizzy with birds and more. What new emojis are you looking forward to? Is there an emoji you use more than the others? Let us know in the comments.

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