16-23 July: Games Pass news. What’s changed, what’s been added or deleted, and more

16-23  July: Games Pass news.  What's changed, what's been added or deleted, and more

Tech Highlights:

  • Only one game this week has been announced for Game Pass but hasn’t yet been added. The next 5 games will start from game Pass on Xbox and PC soon. Keep in mind that it is an ancient epic that received a new version this week. This project is completed by Game Pass.

  • From July 16 to July 23, there weren’t many exciting new games released. In some situations, the titles are still accessible through Game Pass as of the second half of July. And as soon as I stood up from the bench, I learned some fascinating information. Our weekly summary includes it. 5 games were added to the Game Pass membership last week at 1 and 2:20 PM. As a section of the pythonidal river, the falls of The Dusk (Xbox, PC) are. The gaming pass was absolutely not available right away. The initiative was well-received by the critics, who suggested giving the Game Pass a try.

Google is once more releasing an Android Auto update. Even so, the anticipated news hasn’t arrived, which is why we’re holding out for the impending app update. A new function for Android Auto was unveiled a few days ago. Google changed how the media player appeared. Even on larger monitors, the background is blurred throughout the full surface. The progress bar is also significantly bigger and much simpler to use today.


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