Motorola’s News, Rumors May Just Be The Lenovo New Tablet 2017

Motorola’s, the Lenovo-owned subsidiary chargeable for some of the greatest — and most modular — budget smartphones around, could be turning its attention to tablets. There is a rumour floating around that Motorola may be working on a high-end tablet, its first in years, but with a unique deal with productivity.

Now, it’s not that I would not appreciate such a feature in a tablet. I like being productive; it’s just that I can’t get the chance that this source’s news is really regarding the Lenovo Tab 4 10, which was exposed to the world at MWC 2017 and very much not a mystery.

It will reportedly measure between 9 to 10 inches diagonally, and have a “premium look and feel.” At least one version will offer mobile connectivity. But the rest of the remains shrouded in mystery — we do not know the screen’s resolution, the processor, or the storage configurations.


The title, price, and release date of Motorola’s 2017 tablet are just as much a mystery as the rest of it. It is operating Google’s futuristic Andromeda.

The change of said Lenovo tablet is set to Release globally this month starting at $149 (the Plus model that gives more RAM among other increases is going for $249) and comes with what performs to be the same productivity chops as the rumoured Moto tablet.

Whenever Motorola’s 2017 tablet launches, it will almost surely be standard than the Xoom. It started at $600 — about a price of a 32GB iPad.

It appears to have a dedicated app drawer button on the navigation bar, like Google’s Chrome OS, and the power to run two applications side by side. You can reportedly close applications by long-pressing on an icon and drag it up, which Android Police thinks means that apps run in the background till explicitly closed.

There is a slim chance Motorola’s 2017 tablet runs Andromeda; the rumoured Google operating system expected to bridge the way between Android and Chrome OS. were in the process of producing Andromeda devices and that devices could launch as soon as the first half of 2017.

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