Mobile Gaming Takes Over PC And Console Gaming In Terms Of Revenue

Mobile games are expected in 2017 for the first time to generate more revenue than games played on PCs and consoles. 

The mobile game industry continues to ride a rising wave of free to play and casual game successes such as Clash of Clans and Rovio Entertainment’s Angry Birds Transformers. Talking of which, final year, we witnessed mobile gaming take over PC and Console gaming regarding income. That’s after all, huge thanks to smartphone vendors for packing stellar under-the-hood (more on it in a minute).

Furthermore, of late, almost every single game that’s being launched on PC is also making its way to the mobile app stores as nicely. The Grand Theft Auto V, for instance, is available on each the platforms, you can even. The same wouldn’t have been possible a few years ago. However, that’s history anyway. Now, we have some highly capable smartphones.

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The capacity for developers of every sizes to publish on app stores like, Apple’s App Store and the Google’s Play has allowed creativity to flourish. Instead of Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo deciding which games see the light of day on their closed platforms, consumers are capable of more broadly select with their downloads.

Nintendo brought back the iconic characters in the form of Pokémon Go and Super Mario Run, which is urging different brands to take a similar approach.

n the other hand, a few brands are testing new technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) Gaming, Augmented Reality (AR) gaming, and the like. As a matter of fact, Virtual Reality is the next big thing in mobile space, and several vendors have already accepted the fact and started developing innovative games based on the new technology.

Virtual reality ‘marginal.’

Moreover, smartphone vendors are also pushing the technology by releasing dedicated VR handsets for their respective mobiles. Game developers, on the other hand, have gone a level ahead and released VR games for Android and iOS. Some of the games such as Star Citizen and Eagle Fight garnered a lot of popularity due to the gameplay.

In brief, the mobile gaming space is currently flourishing and can proceed to remain the same as long as some innovation happening in the smartphone space. And, VR gaming is here to stay for a whereas. VR and AR will in the long term change how consumers communicate with one another and interact with content. Within the short to medium term, Newzoo expects the lion’s share of VR revenues to be generated by sales, spectator content, and live viewing formats.”

In reality, it’s the next big factor in mobile gaming and should quickly become mainstream. Also, it’s worth mentioning that mobile gaming revenues are expected to reach $49 billion by the end of 2018, which is currently at $36.9 billion.

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