Microsoft Surface Phone expected specifications, price and release date

Microsoft is expected to soon launch its Surface Phone and the device is continuing to pose great possibilities as per its rumored specifications. With the Surface Phone, Microsoft will look to get back in to the mobile market and with the success of Microsoft’s Surface Pro Series, the Surface Phone has become a subject of countless rumors including its specs and release date.

Leaving no stone unturned, Surface Phone is expected to come in three different variants that will be designed specifically in order to compete with different target markets. Starting with the entry level variant, it is said to come with 4 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage. This variant is tipped to target the casual consumers.

Image Source: Slash Gear

Image Source: Slash Gear

Entry level variant is followed by the mid-ranged variant which is said to come with 6 GB RAM and 256 GB internal storage. Interestingly, the amount of memory this variant is providing is certainly provided by many of the flagship smartphones via an external memory card only.

And finally the top-end variant, it is expected to come with 8 GB RAM and is allegedly going to be boasting a huge 512 GB internal storage and will be the first smartphone to offer such memory space. This smartphone is oriented for advanced users and developers.

At this point, it is safe to say that the supposed Surface Phone variants look really good as per the expected specifications. But, the company has yet to decide the processor that can run this impressive RAM power. Earlier, the company planned to use the Intel Atom X3 for the smartphones but the company has officially cancelled the production of the chip. Now, according to the rumors, company expected to use the Snapdragon 830 processor for the Surface Phone. The chipset is reportedly built to support 8 GB RAM, which should cater to what Microsoft envisions for the Surface Phone.

The next-gen Snapdragon processor should be ready for show by next year in time for the highly anticipated unveiling of the Microsoft Surface Phone around spring.

Source: Vine Report

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