Leak reveals a new interactive feature that will debut on the Pixel 3

There's no doubt that the Pixel 3 XL will be the cruelest thing this year. There are two cameras and speakers on the top panel, and if you think there are all the leaks, it will appear on the screen much more than the other slots inspired by the iPhone X and iPhone XS. Apple. However, Google may have an interesting new feature that helps to distract you from one point to another.

A lot of new Pixel 3 leaks that said the same thing last week were spotted. In October, Google will launch two types of mobile phones, including the design of Pixel 3 Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 XL (the first pixel includes notched screens). Friday, the well-known fugitive Evan Bras put the next picture on Twitter showing two cell phones side by side.

Again, there is no surprise. We saw these devices in the mountains of leak during the summer. But it's a Twitter user @ IshanAgarwal 24 This included some new details about the mobile phones Pixel 3. Apparently, Google seems to be creating vibrant dynamic wallpaper with mobile phones. What he wrote about Reddit is this.

I just wanted to talk about the cell phone wallpaper. Pixel 3 has two cool new wallpapers. I asked not to provide the source, so I can not share animated APK wallpaper. However, I quickly extracted the Hi-Res version of these live wallpapers. An interesting part of these animated wallpapers is that there are things that react according to touch, tilt and rotation. Some are special. If the cell phone detects that the music is playing, it will move and another will be displayed when people unlock the phone or notification depending on the day, afternoon or night, the theme and color will be displayed.

There are no video demos of these new wallpapers, but they are being made on Twitter:

He also shared the actual image of Pixel 3 XL:

On October 9, Google will announce Pixel 3 at the New York-Paris joint press conference.


I hope you like the news Leak reveals a new interactive feature that will debut on Pixel 3. Stay tuned for more updates ?

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