iPhone XS drop test: surprisingly difficult

I did a lot of crash testing in my day, I never went without a broken phone. so far. The iPhone XS is not broken.

I used the new Apple iPhone XS, my classic fall test I crack the iPhone X last year in the first fall. But the new iPhone XS looks like the X from last year, but with stainless steel frame and glass on both sides, this time can be a glass peeling. iPhone XS – and more.

AT Launch from last weekPhil Schiller, Apple's marketing manager, said the iPhone XS is "backed by a new formulation of glass, the most durable glass ever made in smartphones."

This is not the first time we hear from Apple. In fact, Apple also knows that last year's iPhone had "the most durable glass integrated into a smartphone so far". What happened to our iPhone X.

I introduced a new iPhone XS in gold on the cement sidewalk outside the San Francisco headquarters, a series of falls where many of our cell phones are upset.

To clarify, these tests are not scientific, but a concrete demonstration of what can happen when the phone fails. The results tend to be different for each fall. And yes, I'm planning to find out how much abuse the iPhone XS can take before it finally breaks.

in progress: Look this: Has the iPhone XS been dropped?

I hope you enjoy the news:

IPhone XS crash test: surprisingly difficult

#Be careful for more updates :)

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