Mozilla Firefox keyboard shortcuts- A complete list of hot keys

BackAlt +
frontAlt +
Change + Backspace
HomeAlt + Home
Open fileCtrl + O
Ctrl + R
Reload (replace cache)Ctrl + F5
Ctrl + Change + R
Go down a screenPage Down
Up a screenUp page
Go to bottom of pageEnd
Go to the top of the pageHome
Move to the next frameF6
Move to the previous frameChange + F6
PrintCtrl + P
Save page asCtrl + s
Zoom InCtrl + +
Zoom outCtrl +
Zoom resetCtrl + 0 0
copy ofCtrl + Ç
CutCtrl + X
NecklaceCtrl + V
Paste (as plain text)Ctrl + Change + V
RedoCtrl + Y
Select allCtrl + AN
UndoCtrl + Z
MeetCtrl + F
meet againF3
Ctrl + G
Find PreviousChange + F3
Ctrl +Change + G
Quick search in link text only
Quick search/
Close the Find or Quick Find barEsc– when the Find or Quick Find bar is focused
Focus search barCtrl + K
Ctrl + AND
Quickly switch between search enginesCtrl +
Ctrl +
– when the search bar is focused
View menu to switch, add or manage search enginesAlt +
Alt +
– when the search bar is focused
Flap closedCtrl + W
Ctrl + F4
– except for App Guides
Closed windowCtrl + Change + W
Alt + F4
Move the tab in focus to the leftCtrl + Change + Up page
Move the focus tab to the rightCtrl + Change +Page Down
Move the tab in focus to startCtrl + Home
Move the tab in focus to finishCtrl + End
New tabCtrl + T
New windowCtrl + N
New private windowCtrl + Change + P
Next tabCtrl + Tab
Ctrl + Page Down
Open address in a new tabAlt + Log in– from the location bar or the search bar
Previous TabCtrl + Change + Tab
Ctrl + Up page
Undo Close tabCtrl + Change + T
Undo Close windowCtrl + Change + N
Select tabs 1 through 8Ctrl + 1for8
Select last tabCtrl + 9
Viewing tab groupsCtrl + Change + AND
Close tab group viewEsc
Next tab groupCtrl + `– only for some keyboard layouts
Previous tab groupCtrl + Change + `– only for some keyboard layouts
History sidebarCtrl + H
Library window (History)Ctrl + Change + H
Clear Recent HistoryCtrl + Change + Del
Bookmark all tabsCtrl + Change + D
Bookmark this pageCtrl + D
Favorites sidebarCtrl + B
Ctrl + I
Library window (Favorites)Ctrl + Change + B
TransfersCtrl + J
Add-onsCtrl + Change + AN
Switch developer toolsF12
Ctrl + Change + I
Web consoleCtrl + Change + K
InspectorCtrl + Change + Ç
DebuggerCtrl + Change + s
Style editorChange + F7
analyzerChange + F5
NetworkCtrl + Change + Q
Developer toolbarChange + F2
Responsive design visualizationCtrl + Change + M
Doodles NotebookChange + F4
Page SourceCtrl + you
Browser ConsoleCtrl + Change + J
Next pageN or J or
Previous pageP or K or
Zoom InCtrl + +
Zoom outCtrl +
Auto zoomCtrl + 0 0
Rotate the document clockwiseR
Rotate counterclockwiseChange + R
Switch to presentation modeCtrl + Alt + P
Toggle hand toolH
Focus on the Page Number input boxCtrl + Alt + G
Full .com addressCtrl + Log in
Full .net addressChange + Log in
Full .org addressCtrl + Change + Log in
Delete selected selected autocomplete entryDel
Switch to full screen modeF11
Toggle menu bar (when hidden)Alt
Show / hide add-on barCtrl + /
Cursor navigationF7
Select location barF6
Alt + D
Ctrl + I
Toggle Play / Pausespace-bar
Lower the volume
Turn up the volume
Mute audioCtrl +
Unmute audioCtrl +
Search for 15 seconds
Look for 10% backCtrl +
Look forward 15 seconds
Look 10% forwardCtrl +
Look for the beginningHome
Search till the endEnd
So these are the keyboard shortcuts for mozilla firefox A complete list.


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