Google Play store Error 498 5 easy Methods to fix it

Lately. When downloading the Asphalt game on my Smartphone, I received a Error 498 on the Google Play Store. To be real, the error reads “An error 498 occurred while communicating with the server“.

I tried again however, the similar error again. After some adjustments, I used to be in a position to download and install the asphalt on my phone.

How I faced this error in the Google Play store, although there may be many different people dealing with the same error, and therefore this information about methods for Correct error 498 in the Gooogle Play store.

Right here on this page, I can share some strategies that can facilitate elimination. Although someone listed, the method does not work so that everyone Eliminate Google Play error 498 As a result, there are completely different causes responsible for triggering this error.

Causes of Error 498 in the Play Store

There are few things that cause this error on your smartphone when you try to get any app from the Google Play store.

  • The most common problem is the size of the device’s cache partition. You will receive Error 498 on the Play Store when trying to get apps that are larger than your machine’s cache partition.

For example: Your cache partition is 30 million and you also try to get an application with a size of 35 million and possibly receive this error. Often, the Play Store has points when downloading large applications.

  • Another reason is Google servers of the location where you are trying to obtain the applications may be under maintenance. Therefore, in case you are downloading an application and receive error message 498 from retailer Play, the server is usually the situation. Just wait and try to download it again.

So these were just a few possible causes for a user to get this error on the Google Play store. Now, let’s look at some possible methods to fix it.

5 methods to fix Google Play Store error 498 are

Method 1: Clearing the Cache

The most common cause that you may be dealing with this error is due to the cache, so I will start recording methods by recommending clearing the cache.

To do this, simply navigate to Settings> Applications> Manage applications> Choose Google Play store> Clear data and Clear cache.

Now, try to download the app if the problem was the cache, and clearing it solved the difficulty for you. Another reason to list this method on the rise is that it worked for me and I was able to download the sport easily after clearing the cache. Although the answer for everyone is not the same, try also to use methods.

Method 2: Use Wifi to download.

Many instances of you Web Service Provider(ISP) creates this problem from error 498 and many different errors. then try to access the Wifi in some way and try to download the application, providing the error.

Method 3: Adding a new Play Store account.

You will need to add a new Play Store account to correct this error. Go to Settings> Accounts> Add new account> Click Google> Next> Enter email> Done.

After setting up your new Play Store account, try to download the same app and see if this resolved your issue.

Method 4: Connection to the PC:

Certainly, one of my friends reported that he arrested Error 498, placing applications from PC to Smartphone. You simply want to connect your Smartphone to the Laptop Using USB cable. then go to Google app store using your favorite browser on your PC. Then, look for the application that was getting error on your smartphone.

Click on the most popular end result you just got. Then, on the application page, you’ll notice Install button. Click on it to download the application on your smartphone. No, it will not install on your PC. It is configured on your Smartphone. Just make sure your smartphone is connected or you will not see the Configure button.

Method 5: Uninstall and reinstall the Google Play store:

If your phone is rooted, you can simply uninstall and reinstall your Google Play reseller to ensure that you really get rid of error 498 at your Google Play reseller. If any of the strategies listed above don’t work for you, choose this one and you will fix it for sure.

So these were five strategies for fixing error 498 at the Play dealer. I hope this will allow you to eliminate this error and download your favorite app again from the game retailer similar to the previous one.

If these methods help you, be sure to spend a few seconds and comment below the method that solved the problem for you. Or If you have another method for getting rid of this error message on the Play Store, feel free to post it in the Feedback below.

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