What to ask Siri on the HomePod

What to ask Siri on the HomePod

In this article, you will learn about the What to Ask Siri Guide on HomePod, read on to see how it works

Although Siri may be on HomePod, it must be identical to the iPhone on an exclusive Apple system, but unfortunately (at least for now), it is more restricted to the company’s good speaker. However, when it comes to using a HomePod, Siri is absolutely the most vital way of dealing with it.

As we have already stated, the iPhone is in the HomePod, for now, it is a little restricted. However, when iOS 12 comes out in the fall, Siri may have several recent features, greater integration with third-party apps and a new brand. Shortcut application, which allows customers to assign sequences of operations to voice instructions. As a final result, when iOS-12 arrives, it is possible to activate third-party applications through HomePod.

In the meantime, here are just a few of the problems you can ask Siri, click on HomePod.

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“Hey Siri, play some music.

“Hey Siri, don’t touch.

“Hey Siri, what song is that?

“Hey Siri” touches more of this artist.

Hey, Siri will repeat the final observation.

“Hey Siri, play 80’s exercise music.

“Hey, Siri, play some of the Pops to work.

“Hey Siri, play something more vigorous.

“Hey, Siri, play with a bigger alternative.

“Hey Siri, play my Chill out Mix.

“Hey Siri, play some upbeat rock music.

“Hey Siri, play an Arcade Fire playlist.

“Hey Siri, play Let it Go>” Hey Siri “when it was released?

“Hey Siri, what is U2’s most up-to-date album?

“Hey Siri, play Ed Sheeran’s newest song.

“Hey Siri, play a placebo.

“Hey Siri, play The Mixtape.

“Hey, Siri, play the best of the week.

“Hey, Siri, play this year’s Grammy.

“Hey Siri”, the radio from the 90s.

“Hey Siri”, the place is Morrissey.

“Hey Siri”, who plays drums for Who?

“Hey Siri, play Adele’s debut album.

“Hey, Siri, play a big trauma.

“Hey Siri, play Ricky> Hey, Siri, play the album.

“Hey Siri, play with a little help from my friends. > “Hey Siri, play.

For more information about music on HomePod, please: How to make music play on HomePod and without an Apple Music subscription service.

Volume and playback controls

“Hey Siri, and make the sound louder.

“Hey Siri, don’t play with this again.

“Hey, Siri, increase the amount 20% of the time.

“Hey Siri, take a break.

The native space

“Hey Siri, the place is the nearest fish and potato store.

“Hey Siri, the place is the closest restaurant, which was good for young people.

“Hey, Siri, the location is the nearest bus stop.

“Hey Siri, which is the nearest supermarket dealer.

“Hey Siri, what time does Tescos close.

“Hey Siri, the place is the nearest espresso shop.

“Hi Siri, I’m hungry (for suggestions from native restaurants

Current affairs

“Hey Siri, what’s in the information.

“Hey Siri, who is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

“Hey Siri, how much is Apple’s inventory worth?

“Hey Siri, what groups are participating in the World Cup.


“Hey Siri, do I want an umbrella?

“Hey Siri, do I want a jacket?

“Hey Siri, what will the weather be like on March 1st?

“Hey Siri”, do I want an umbrella in London tomorrow?


“Hey Siri, my messages. (This will only work if there are new messages).

“Hey Siri, reply to a message.

“Hey Siri, what are 12 x 34?

“Hey Siri, what’s 20 degrees Fahrenheit?

“Hey Siri, roll a dice.

“Siri, remind me to go to the doctor for about 2 hours.

Hey Siri, set a timer for 15 minutes> “Hey Siri”, how long will it take.

“Hey Siri, how do you spell anti-establishment

“Hey Siri, stop the timer

“Hey Siri, set an alarm for 6:30 am. When the alarm goes off, say, “Hey Siri, stop

“Hey Siri, how do you say thanks in Italian

“Hey Siri, how do you say Night in German

“Hey Siri” when the clocks change


“Hey Siri, what time is the Black Panther?

“Hey Siri, what films are shown?

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