How To Use Google Maps Offline

How To Use Google Maps Offline

Use Google Maps offline – Millions of Smartphone shoppers use Google Maps for navigation and directions almost daily, because it’s easy and comfortable. However, many are unaware that Google Maps can be used offline, only on Wi-Fi and also save maps and navigation on the SD card. The features themselves are excellent for users who travel without a real connection. Google’s offline feature to make this map available has been around for a long time, however, 2020 Updated: the best way to use it has changed and now it has even more options. Whereas traveling across the state, country and even outside the country.

Some may lose a connection completely and get a blank page whenever you want further instructions. Offline maps have been around for years and now, for 2021, Google just added Wi-Fi and saved the maps to SD card resources. Read on for more details and how you can use Maps to the fullest. Many people use Google Maps almost daily, so being able to download maps offline is a very practical feature. So, here’s how you can use Google Maps offline.

Steps for using Google Maps offline

Step 1. First of all, open Google Maps and look for the necessary location.

Step 2. Once you’ve found the location / area you need, the simplest way to save it for later is to go to the options menu by tapping the three-line icon (hamburger) and tapping Offline areas.

Step 3. Touch the plus sign or add a symbol at the appropriate bottom of the screen and you will receive a message after it says Download this area? “

Step 4. Now, drag the map inside the sq. Box until it covers the area for which you need a map. Press to zoom in (placing two fingers on the screen and joining them together) to connect to the area you need. Move your fingers in the different technique to zoom out and cover a larger area.

Step 5. Are you satisfied with the map space, tap Download.

Step 6. You may be asked to name your area. Do this in the box that appears.
After downloading the map to your device, you can access it by clicking on the menu icon in the upper left corner of the main Google Maps page and returning to the offline areas, where it is better to see your downloaded area now.

Step 7. That’s it! Now you’re done.

There are some limitations to the performance of offline maps, especially in relation to the size of the location you are looking for. It is not possible to download a map of, for example, the whole of Denmark: the box you draw around the area you need is limited in size and it is not possible to download something that occupies more than 1.5 GB of storage space.

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