How to use 3D Touch to clear all notifications in iPhone 6s or 6s plus

As we know, 3D Touch is one of the updated 2020: the most attractive and easy to use features of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Allows you to access regularly used shortcuts from any application. There is no option to clear notifications using 3D Touch. It wouldn’t be great if you could take full advantage of these advanced features to get rid of notifications elegantly. This jailbreak setting, also called “3D Touch to clear notifications”, makes it easy to remove all alerts.

It is a new tweak that, as its name implies, allows users to press hard on the Notification Center to remove all notifications, it looks like the current implementation in the Apple Watch notifications tab.

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3D Touch to Clear Notification works in the Notification Center, regardless of whether there is a notification or several days of viewing, but it does not appear to clear notifications from the lock screen at this time, perhaps due to Touch 3D’s action of animating live wallpapers with pressure already taking up that space, although an optional replacement is a nice boost for those not using live wallpaper.

This setting has parameters that prevent it from being installed on devices other than 3D Touch, so it only works with iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus and is not compatible with settings like RevealMenu or Forcy that emulate 3D Touch on older devices.

3D Touch to Clear Notifications is available for free at Cydia BigBoss repository and there are no options to configure in the settings.