How to upgrade (or cancel) your iCloud storage subscription

How to upgrade (or cancel) your iCloud storage subscription

When you create an iCloud account for your iPad or iPhone for the first time, you receive a small free allocation of online storage: 5 GB. This will be useful for backups and for opening photos, documents and e-mail online, however (especially if you need to update more than one gadget), there is not much area.

In this article, we’ve clarified how to handle storage in your iCloud account.

We present to you how you can see the amount of area remaining and what occupies the entire storage area. For those who have decided to take the leap and upgrade from the free level, let’s examine how to update a subscription. Alternatively, in the event that you purchase the most expensive 2TB layer and realize that it is more than you want, we have also reduced the downgrade and cancellation of subscriptions.

(If you’re open to alternative options, check out one of the best cloud storage apps for iPhone.)

Manage iCloud storage

Open the Settings application and identify your tap at the beginning of the main screen. Tap iCloud within the second set of options, after which tap Manage storage. (If you are using an iOS model prior to iOS 10.3, you can choose Settings> iCloud> Storage as a replacement.)

You will see a graph at the beginning that shows the amount of area you are using (from your full allocation) and the part of it occupied by photos, documents, backups and email. Then, you can change the storage plan – of which most instantly – and the entries of specific people for all applications that use area and the amount of area that they use.

You can create an app to get more data, if it’s accessible (the backup entry lists the accurate backups and how gigantic they are; Pages shows the saved paperwork online), plus the option to view the paperwork and / or delete files .

If you are quick in the area, this web page is a useful resource for discovering storage hogs and then pruning them, if vital. If that doesn’t work, a more expensive strategy is needed.

Manage iCloud on a Mac

Not on an iOS gadget? You can get a sleek, less useful template from this web page by logging into your account at After that, by choosing Settings – you can see the usage counter at the beginning of the web page. However, if you’re using a Mac, it’s much simpler to solve problems like this in System Preferences. Select iCloud and then deal with the appropriate rear.

On a PC

PC customers must download and use iCloud for Windows.

Upgrade, cancel or downgrade iCloud storage

It is extremely simple to update or downgrade the dimensions of your iCloud storage plan from your iPhone or iPad. Follow these steps:

  1. On your iOS gadget, open the Settings app. Touch your identification at the beginning of the main page, then touch iCloud on the next page. (In older iOS variations, choose Settings> iCloud> Storage.)
  2. At the top of the subsequent web page, you will see a graph showing how much of your storage area you may be using and for what; this allows you to assess whether you want to downgrade or update your subscription. Just below the graph, you see Manage Storage: tap.

    How to update or cancel an iCloud storage plan

  3. At the top of the subsequent Web page, tap Change storage plan.
  4. A pop-up shows the completely different plans and prices for each in your country. Select one of the many plans and then purchase the proper tap for the upgrade.

    How to update or cancel an iCloud storage plan

  5. You will be asked to enter your Apple ID to confirm the purchase. Once this is achieved, the changes are expected to have an impact.
  6. To downgrade to a cheaper option, select Downgrade Options. You must enter your password after which the tap Manage.

Several notes about iCloud subscriptions.

If you decide to downgrade, you will still have access to the larger storage layer until the subsequent billing cycle – the date you paid or would have paid for the subscription previously.

Worried about file deletion by Apple? You can also be relieved to know that it will include 55 GB of files in a 50 GB subscription. But you cannot again update your gadgets or add new files until you release or update the area.

If you need to cancel different subscriptions on your iPhone, read the following: How to cancel subscriptions on iPhone.

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