How to unfreeze a frozen phone

How to unfreeze a frozen phone

You may not think of your smartphone as a computer, but it certainly is as much as a laptop or a desktop. And with that will come some typical computer problems – crashes and freezes. Most of the time, the solutions to most of these points, while easy, are simply not instantly apparent. The next time your iOS or Android phone crashes or freezes, try the following indicators.

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Dealing with a frozen iPhone

To force a frozen application to close: If there is an application that is causing you problems, try turning it off. To do this on iOS 7, double-tap the Home button to display the application switcher, which Apple calls the multitasking bar. Then, scroll left or right until you see the frozen app, and slide your finger up on the app’s screenshot to “throw” it off the screen. If you’re using iOS 6, tap the Home button to go to the space screen and double-tap the Home button to display the app switcher. Then press and hold your finger on the app icon for a few seconds until the icons start to move and tap the minus pink button (-) to proceed with the app you need to close it.

Restart your phone: If your iPhone appears to be normally unstable or just can’t open it in the app switcher to eliminate a frozen app, try restarting. Press and hold the Sleep button at the top of the phone until the pink “slide to hang” slider appears. Simply slide your finger from left to right, as shown, and the phone will be switched off. Turn on the phone, press and hold the Sleep button for a few seconds, until the Apple badge appears on the display. It will take a while on your phone to complete and be ready for you to use.

Force your phone to restart: If your phone does not respond if you contact the screen or press a button, you may want to restart the screen. Press and hold the sleep button and press the Home button for a few seconds, until the Apple badge appears and the phone restarts. After a few moments, you will be taken to the lock screen and rotated down.

For the manufacturing unit to be repaired. If you have a handicap along with the phone that won’t simply disappear or if you want a contemporary start – you may want to revert your iPhone to the factory settings. To do this, go to the Settings application and then to the In general> Reset and to choose the To reset all settings. This possibility will reset your phone’s settings, however, you will keep all the data you have on your phone. If you need to completely delete the phone and start the contemporary, choose the 1 that you simply Erase all content and settings for that new, ready-to-use knowledge.

Restore using iTunes: You can also try to restore your iPhone with iTunes. Connect your iPhone to your computer using the USB cable, choose your iPhone from the supplies checklist. I go to the summary guide, after which choose the Restore iPhoneThis creates a backup copy of your phone’s settings, after which you download and install a contemporary copy of iOS and revert your phone to the factory default settings. You can have your data on the phone, deciding on the Backup and restore under the backup part.

The deal is a strong Android phone

Force an application to close: If you want to have an app locked to close, go to your phone’s Settings app and then tap Tap. Apps. Swipe your finger from the Run choose the application you need to close it, then press the button Stop button. If you don’t see the problematic app in the checklist, tap the Show cached processes switch within the upper right corner of the screen.

Restart your phone: Restart your phone, it can help to remove powerful problems. To do this, press and hold the phone’s sleep / power button for a few seconds, until it asks who really needs to turn off the phone. Make sure you are in and that your phone may be turned off. After shutting down, press and hold the installation button until the display is activated; your phone should be up and running again after a few occasions.

Force your phone to restart: So that the usual shutdown and restart methodology does not work, if the phone is frozen, in this case, you will want to restart the phone, start it. Unfortunately, it is a little more difficult on Android than on iOS, as a result of totally different phones having completely different reboots. You can turn on many Android phones, however, for those who press and hold the power button and the amount button until the screen goes dark. From there, turn off the phone and restart it by pressing the install button for a few seconds. If the volume up button does not work, try the volume down button. If that doesn’t work, see the documentation that came here with your phone.

To remove the battery: If you have a frozen Android phone and a removable battery, the easiest method to do this is to force the reset by simply removing the battery. Remove the battery cover to remove it for a few seconds, put it back in place, slide the battery cover back on and turn the phone on again by pressing the install button for a few seconds. You should use this methodology if the default methodology is to turn the phone off and on, but it still fails.

Restore to the factory default settings: Perhaps you have determined that you are trying to remedy a disadvantage, it just doesn’t cost. If so, you can reset the phone settings to the factory default settings. To do this, you need to open the Phone Settings app, scroll down and tap on it Backup and reset drop-down menu. So you’re looking for Factory data reset, after which tap on it. Your phone will ask you to verify that you really want to perform the action; however, for anyone trying to do this, it will restore the original and original factory settings.

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