How to Speed Up Chrome Browser Easily

As we all know, Chrome is a very fast browser among all browsers, compared to Firefox, Internet Exporer and Safari, and so on. However, sometimes, you also start to work slowly at that moment, what to do? Don’t worry, here are some suggestions that you can speed up your Chrome browser

How to speed up the Chrome browser?

1. Disable plugins

Users who use many plug-ins that are not normally in use most of the time. To work more quickly and easily in the Chrome browser, it is necessary to install some chosen plugins. Many plugins can slow down your browsing. Follow these simple steps below and start removing your additional plugins from your browser.

  1. Open the Chrome browser and go to the following address

chrome: // plugins /

  1. Deselect plug-ins that are not in use. You can even delete these unwanted plugins.

2. Disable extensions

You may wonder if some plugins and extensions are almost similar to each other? Plugins are generally third-party programs needed to improve your browser speed and performance however, in addition to these extensions, they are specifically needed for browsers.

These extensions really slow down your browser and can greatly affect your browsing speed. To avoid this, just follow the steps below carefully: –

  1. Open the Chrome browser and enter the following address on the handlebars

chrome: // extensions /


To check the total list of extensions entered in your browser, simply click the wrench icon on the toolbar, navigate to Tools, then click Extensions.

  1. You will now see a list of extensions that your browser supports.
  2. Simply uncheck extensions that you don’t want or just delete extensions that aren’t needed in the future.

You will see absolutely some changes in browsing speed when you delete these extensions from the browser.

3. Clear the data from the browsing cache

You already know that when you browse any website, Chrome automatically collects cached text, cookies and other forms of data from the website. That is why, when we click on the website address again, it takes less time to load the web page.

Although caching and cookies are actually designed to speed up the chrome However, it usually happens that they are responsible for decreasing the speed and delay of navigation.

Following these steps will help you to clear your browsing data: –

  1. Click on the control and customize the chrome button or wrench icon, as I mentioned earlier.
  • Select Tools> Clear browsing data.

  • Simply select the time variation and the different types of additional features listed in this dialog, press Clean navigation data.

  • That is all. I hope this article helps you to clarify your question how to speed up the chrome browser? if you experience any problems or confusion after reading this article, you can certainly leave a comment below in the comments box.