How to set up a Samsung Gear smartwatch on iPhone

How to set up a Samsung Gear smartwatch on iPhone

Before you start, make sure your iPhone’s Bluetooth is turned on. The following is a step-by-step configuration guide – at the bottom of this article are our impressions of the specific experience of using gadgets collectively. Click here to jump there.

Step 1

If your watch is a new model, just turn it on. If you used it with another system, you can do a soft reset or reset of the manufacturing facilities on the watch to pair it with an iPhone. To do this, tap Settings> Gear information> Reset gear, then select the reset you need to perform. Light Reset allows you to pair, however, some private data is already in the system, a Factory Reset will completely reset it if it is a new model.

Step 2

The watch face will ask you to install the Gear app on your iPhone:

step 3

Go to the App Store on your phone and rate “Samsung Gear S” in the search bar.

Download the app to your phone and open it when you’re done.

Step 4

The application will ask you to allow few permissions for the program to talk to your Gear smartwatch. There are some of them, like the ones below, however, be sure to set them all to “OK” or “Allow”.

Then tap “Connect to Gear”. Your iPhone will scan to your system and find it. Then make your system identification. This will pair the watch with your phone:

Step 5

Both the watch and the iPhone will ask you to confirm that they are pairing. Tap the check mark on your watch and tap the “Pair” tap on your iPhone:

Step 6

Next, you want to allow the use of non-public data for location, calendar and photos. We strongly suggest that you make sure of all of them, as eradicating any of these permissions will severely restrict the performance of your equipment. Tap Enable and then tap Allow tap.

The application will ask you to tap “OK” on all permissions:

After that, accept all phrases and circumstances, checking all fields and touching “Done”.

Step 7

A pop-up will indicate that in order for features to work between Gear and iPhone, you must keep the Gear app open on iPhone at all times:

In fact, your Gear and iPhone are paired:

Be sure to keep the app open and turn on Bluetooth for each device. Now, you can enjoy notifications, weather and calendar occasions like you would on a Samsung phone.

You can read our PC Advisor reviews for the Gear S2 here and the Gear S3 here.


However, keep in mind that, as on non-Samsung Android devices, messaging and email applications are not suitable for the iPhone. You will receive notifications of your messages and e-mail applications, however, you will not be able to compose instantly from your watch and even respond routinely with models or emojis like on Android.

In addition, we found that our couple (Gear S2 and iPhone 7) are quite buggy and a little disappointing experience wedding. We tend to blame this on Apple’s walled yard; since it doesn’t allow you to purchase apps outside of the {App Store}, you can only access free apps and watch faces here.

That said, it was not possible to download 1 – which can be very dangerous! Therefore, on stage, we should always suggest, unfortunately, that you do not buy a Gear for the iPhone – there are many compromises and the software program appears to be in beta.

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