How to Remove Stock Apps on Your iPhone in iOS 10

How How many times have you needed a feature that offers the flexibility to remove default applications? The great news is that iOS 10 allows you to do just that – remove the default apps from iOS 10. It seems that Apple has allowed the desire that many iPhone users yearned for iOS 10. You will not only be able to remove the default apps, but also reinstall them whenever you want. All of these stock apps are now part of the App Store and, like other apps; they have their descriptions and screenshots. Stocks, tips, weather, compass, calculator, calendar, maps etc. can be removed. If you want to reinstall them, you can do that too!

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So, if you think you don’t need a collection of standard iOS 10 apps and want to remove some unusable apps or the game center. You can simply tap that app and tap the cross icon to the right of the app in the top corner again and delete it to free up storage or your iPhone or iPad. Removing default applications has never been easier. All you need is to follow these steps.

Step to remove Stock Apps on your iPhone on iOS 10

Step 1. First, find the stock app you want to delete, tap and hold the icon. After a few seconds, each application on the screen will start to move. And ‘x’ appears in the top left corner of the app.

Step 2. Now, tap ‘X‘ and you’ll receive a pop-up asking if you’re sure you want to delete the app.

ios 10

Step 3. After that, choose To remove. You can do this for any applications you want to remove. When finished, click on Home button. You have returned to your normal home screen.

ios 10

Step 4. That’s it! Now you’re done.

Apps you can delete

  • Compass
  • Calendar
  • Calculator
  • Contacts (contacts will remain in the Phone app)
  • Facetime
  • Find my friends
  • Podcasts
  • iBooks
  • iCloud Drive
  • Itunes store
  • Music
  • Maps
  • Submit
  • News
  • Grades
  • House
  • Sticky notes
  • Actions
  • Tips
  • videos
  • Voice memos
  • Watch the app
  • Climate

Too many applications. you can save more space on your phone than ever before. The problem now is: how can you get them back?

Reinstall iOS 10 Stock Apps

Here are instructions on how to recover the default applications that you simply uninstalled.

1. It’s that easy, just go to application store.

2. Just search for the application you removed.

3. then tap Cloud icon to install it again and you’re ready to go.

However, there are some applications that cannot be removed –

  • Activity
  • App Store
  • Camera
  • Photos
  • Definitions
  • posts
  • telephone
  • Watch
  • Safari
  • Cheers
  • Wallet

4. That’s it. Now you’re done.

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