Macworld Masterclass: Create an accurate floor plan

Traditionally, applications that allow the creation of floor plans soon and are simply marketed by customers, however, are based mainly on the technical language of these professionals in computer aided design. This is not how MagicPlan, a sensible free application that uses the camera on your iPhone or iPad to capture a digital image of a room (either a total floor or a total house) through the corners and different essential parts similar to the doors after the collectively all of them to come up with an approximate plan. You can measure the actual room with a tape measure (a single process) and produce an accurate calibration that can lead to an excellent floor plan.

Here you will find all kinds of resources (along with the chance to download plans such as PDFs or DXF files compatible with AutoCAD). However, in this tutorial, we clarified how it is possible to create an easy room with a door, make a plan and calibrate accurately and then add 1. Representative space.

Essential data

Device: iPhone / iPad
Difficulty: in between-
Time required: 15 minutes

What you want:

iOS or higher
MagicPlan (free)

Originally posted 2020-04-25 22:45:26.

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