How to install windows from usb drive

How to install windows from usb drive

How to install Windows on the USB stick is not amazing. Using this trick, you can solve very critical problems on your computer, for example, the computer is not booting due to the Windows problem.
And it is also not possible to install new windows and you want your data, this trick will help you install windows on the USB stick, boot the computer using this usb and back up the data.
This real trick may be your last option when something doesn’t work like the computer isn’t opening, you can’t install new windows, you can’t copy anything from your computer.
Since Windows is installed on your USB stick, it has nothing to do with your hard drive. In that case, the pendrive works like your hard drive and your hard drive works like a pendrive, it doesn’t look good. This trick is useful when you want to try a new operating system, usually what you need to do before installing a new operating system is to back up data, free up space for the new operating system, reinstall and so on. The most surprising thing is that you do not need to follow any of the procedures you usually follow when installing an operating system.
We are going to introduce a small utility “GimageX” that will make this happen.

Advantages of this trick

1.) The hard disk can be easily formatted.
2.) Viruses can be removed.
3.) Backing up data can be done easily.
4.) This trick is very useful when you want to try a new operating system without removing the older operating system.
5.) This trick is an alternative to dual boot, but it is more effective than dual boot.

6.) Easy to check for problems with your input device.

7.) You can check whether the current problem is your hardware problem or the operating system.
The above advantages are when Windows is not opening or you cannot do anything on the computer, this trick can also be used for minor problems
Follow the steps below to learn how to install Windows on USB / Pendrive.

Requirements: –

1.) Windows installation (for example, Windows 7, Windows 8.8.1)
2.) Bootable 8 Gb / 16gb pendrive with good speed
Learn how to make USB bootable –Go here

3.) GimageX Utility –Download here

Steps: –

1.) You need a bootable USB stick for this purpose, go to the link provided in the requirements section.
2.) Copy the Windows configuration from the Windows DVD to your computer, if the computer is not working, ask a friend to use it.
3.) Open Windows configuration and go to “SourcesFolder and search “install.wim”(Minimum size of 2 GB) and copy it to the desktop.

4.) Now connect your USB stick.
5.) Download and extract the GimageX utility, it has 64-bit and 32-bit versions, so run it according to the version of Windows.
6.) Now in GimageX click on tabApply”.

7.) In the archived font, click “Squeaky toy”And locate install.wim (in this post, it is copied to the desktop)

8.) In Destination Archived Select your Usb .
9.) Set Number of images = 1And click “Apply”.

410.) Wait until the process is complete.


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