How to Get Notification Everytime Someone Unfriends you on Facebook

WWe know that Facebook users are increasing day by day. We all probably spend time on Facebook. We want to be friends with as many people as possible. On average, each user has 100 to 150 people on their friends list. That number can be quite low, because many people today also like to be good friends with strangers. Although there may be a limit to having 5,000 friends on Facebook for each user. Few people would reach that milestone. Facebook notifies you when you send someone a friend request, and they accept it. You will also notify you when you have requests for new friends from others. However, one thing Facebook doesn’t do is that you won’t be able to see who your friend is and when.

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You won’t know until one day you find that person on your friends list by his / her name. However, thanks to the extension developers, we have the Chrome extension that notifies you of someone other than your friend. Let’s take a look at some steps: the next time someone removes you from your friends list, you’ll receive a notification.

Step to receive notifications whenever someone gives you a friend on Facebook

Step 1. First of all, Download and install Cancel friendship in the free Facebook extension on Chrome.

Step 2. Simply Click here to go to the Extension in the Chrome Webstore and click Free or Add to Chrome then click Add to pop-up.

Step 3. Now, the extension will start to download and you will see that it was installed on the Chrome browser. A new page will open, just click on Activate.

Step 4. Now, to see if the extension has been successfully added, access the Timeline by clicking on your Name on your Facebook. click in Friends, You will see a new tab named ” Lost friendsThe re added.

That way, you can know who removed it or deleted it from facebook.

Step 5. That’s it! Now you’re done.

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Originally posted 2020-04-20 09:02:58.

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