How to fix Error Apple FaceTime audio bug

How to fix Error Apple FaceTime audio bug

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Can anyone hack into my FaceTime? Can anyone hear my FaceTime calls? Can a hacker see my FaceTime video?

The latest vulnerability in the Facetime allowed a third occasion to hear your name on FaceTime after it ended – meaning that you would be broadcasting your voice on your iOS machine and, worse yet, a hacker would hear a lot.

Read on to find out how to fix this.

How to fix FaceTime audio error: Update iOS and OS X

Apple has already fixed the security hole. We don’t know if the problem will return, but when you haven’t updated your machine, it will still be weak for hackers.

Be sure to replace these software program variations or higher and you can be protected against hackers who spy on your FaceTime calls after they are completed. To replace, on your iOS machine, navigate to Settings> General> Software update. If you’re using a Mac, open the App Store on your Mac and look for the “Updates” tab at the top of the device.
How to fix FaceTime audio error

If no updates are seen, double-check the replacement of a software program and verify that you have a secure connection to the web.

If you don’t run your machine on OS X or iOS 9, hackers tend to listen to your calls after they end.

This requires a lot of effort from a hacker to hear what you say after finishing the dialogue; however, for those who were dealing with extremely sensitive information, you can be a target for hackers.

How to fix FaceTime audio error: How to prevent hackers from hearing your FaceTime calls

If, for any reason, you are unable to replace or are very safety conscious, here are some suggestions to follow when using FaceTime:

  • Always replace your Apple machine with the latest software program model
  • Use FaceTime only with numbers and contacts that you simply recognize
  • After FaceTime is finished, enable Airplane mode for 5 minutes
  • Create a FaceTime name in a secure, encrypted community (no public Wi-Fi)
  • Don’t use FaceTime to share sensitive information

Please contact the comments below for those who have already been affected by a vulnerability on your iOS or Mac machine.

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