How to disable in-app purchases on an iPhone

How to disable in-app purchases on an iPhone

With so many games and functions now providing methods to increase your progress or resources through in-app purchases, it can be tempting and very simple to spend money on what was initially a free application.

The real danger here is that if you allow your kids to use their iPhone or iPad, they’ll spend their money enjoying their favorite games – without their files.

Fortunately, iOS has some protections that can restrict your children’s accounts and prevent the shock of a giant bill. Therefore, to maintain peace and harmony within the family, we present you how to disable in-app purchases on the iPhone.

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Does my password not stop in-app purchases?

While it is true that Apple requires a password to make an in-app purchase, it is adopted for an interval of 15 minutes in which extra objects can be purchased without having to re-enter them.

Obviously, there can be a number of injuries again that can turn a customer-friendly resource into nightmarish things.

However, everything will not be lost, as it is simple to adjust the security settings on iOS to prevent this type of catastrophe.

Use Touch ID

A very quick way to strengthen your protection is to allow Touch ID for all purchases. Not only does this make it much more problematic for others to buy problems with your account, but it also requires a password (or your fingerprint) every time you need to buy something.

Go to this Settings> Ring ID and Password, then within the Use Touch ID to: tap part of the button to iTunes and App Store.

Also check out our options for using digital scans with Touch ID and a comprehensive Apple Pay guide for more methods to benefit from your fingerprints.

Enable iOS restrictions

Another way to reduce retail antics is to enable the Restrictions feature on iOS.

Go to Settings> General> Restrictionsand tap Enable Restrictions choose at the top of the web page.

how to disable in app purchases on iphone

You will now be asked to set a password. This is to prevent criminals from understanding that they repeat their steps and disable the feature.

Make sure to select a code in addition to what normally unlocks the phone and keep it somewhere. If you neglect the restriction code, 1 means eliminating it to clean your iPhone and start from scratch.

Settings restrictions

IOS offers several options in the Restrictions part. They include the camera, Airdrop, FaceTime and also the filtering of materials expressed in music, movies, TV shows, files and others.

For more information on how these settings can be used to defend your children, read Set up parental controls on iPad and iPhone.

For now, we focus on in-app purchases. Scroll through the checklist until you see a part with ITunes Reseller at the highest.

At the bottom of this space, you can see In-app purchases. If you need to disable them completely, disable it.

how to disable in app purchases on iphone

After all, this means that you cannot make these purchases, which can be problematic. To avoid this, it is possible that you can always use a much less invasive route as an alternative.

Disabling the fifteen-minute password rule

Since one of the biggest problems with in-app purchases can be caused by the 15-minute window following the entry of a password, it’s smart to deal with it right away.

One option is to enable iOS to require a password for each transaction. If you have enabled Touch ID for App Store purchases, it will not be applied as it will always be requested on your fingerprint.

Go to Settings> iTunes & App Store> Password Settingsafter which choose the Always needed choice.

how to disable in app purchases on iphone

Fortunately, with the following tips, it is better to now have the opportunity to relax with the peaceful guarantee that the Clash of Clans will never harm your family. To have fun, deal with yourself in a new game or 2, safe in the files that the microtransactions are under management.

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