How to Create Google+ Brand Page For Your Blog

How to Create Google+ Brand Page For Your Blog

Create a Google+ brand page for your blog – Google Plus pages are a great way to expose your brand on the Google Plus social networking site. Several of you notice an error in treating your personal profile as your brand page, but it is an incorrect approach. You must create a dedicated Google Plus page on your brand (blog, website or whatever). In this article, we’ll introduce the creation of the Google+ brand page for your audacity analysis.

Step to create a Google+ brand page for your blog

Step 1. First of all, go to Create the page and choose your type of business. If you are creating a Google Plus page on your blog, choose the brand as an option.

Step 2. Choose a category for your Google+ page. On the next page; After that, give the page name, Add yours website how and choose the type of page again.

Step 3. click in Create pageand click To edit and start filling in all the information about your site / product on your Google Plus brand page.

Step 4. You must enter the description about your brand and upload the brand image. Here is the dimension of the image on the cover of your Google Plus brand and on your profile photo.

Step 5. After creating the Google Plus page for your brand, share it on your Google plus profile and on different social media profiles. This is the first step to start getting followers on your Google+ brand pages.

Step 6. If you have some pages, you can switch between them using this drop-down menu on the left. You can create a Google+ hangout with your fans or share your page on your wall.

Step 7. When your profile is ready, you can start posting to your profile by adding status updates, links, photos and videos to your personal Google+ profile.

Step 8. That’s it! Now you’re done.

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