How to create Apple Music Stations

How to create Apple Music Stations

Created to be the answer to Spotify and Google Play Music, Apple Music offers a huge library of more than 30 million songs that can be streamed and downloaded, along with selected playlists. Radio stations additionally provide a large library of video clips, however, with a large supply, it can be difficult to determine what to pay attention to.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you discovered music based mainly on a track, album or artist you want? It is doable with Apple Music and here we will present how.

For those new to the world of Apple Music, we offer our comprehensive guide to Apple Music.

No, they are not the playlists selected by Apple

Before showing you how to create your individual Apple Music Stations, we thought about clarifying first how they differ from the playlists selected by Apple’s music streaming service.

Playlists accessible on Apple Music usually deal with an artist, decade, style or exercise, from work-to-work lists to 1960s hymn lists and everything in between.

According to Apple, Apple Music playlists are all curated by real individuals and provide something more private than the generic playlists provided by Spotify and Google Play Music.

The seasons are a little bit different, however, they provide their own fascination. Think of the stations because the Genius performance of iTunes has been redesigned for Apple Music customers; With the use of the stations, you will be able to discover new music based mainly on songs, artists and genres of songs already accessible in your Apple Music library through intelligent algorithms, and it is quite a spectacular total.

Custom stations are totally different from Beats 1 and similar, like Pure Pop, accessible on Apple Music, with a personalized music queue or a “station” comparable to the music you already like. It’s good to find out, because it usually features songs and artists with a sound comparable to the track on which you mainly based the station.

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Creating Apple Music Stations

So now that you realize the distinction between selected playlists and stations on Apple Music, we’ll introduce you how to create Apple Music stations on iOS with the Music app and Mac / PC with iTunes.

On iPhone and iPad

To create your individual Apple Music Station on an iPhone or iPad, do the following:

  • Open the Apple Music app and make sure you’re signed in with your Apple ID.
  • Find the desired track, album or artist and tap the three dots to open the menu (which is usually seen in the ‘now participating’ menu or can be accessed through 3D Touch on iPhone 6s and 7).
  • Here, choose Create station.
  • You should get an infinite stream of music comparable to the track, artist or album you initially chose.

Just like basic music playback on Apple Music, you can simply skip songs, add the ones you want to your library, and more. An excellent tip: mark songs as they seem to use the score system in the app, make the station more private for you and the music you want.

On Mac and PC

You can also create Apple Music Stations on macOS and Windows 10 via iTunes, and it’s that simple (if not a little simpler!). Open iTunes, find the track, album or artist you need to base your station on, click on it correctly, click on Start Station and you’re done! The station must start robotically.

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