How to clear your Apple Maps search history

It’s funny how you can also use the app for a long time; however, it is a new thing to learn about it.

Earlier this week, I made a presentation to the group of Mac users on the north coast and, through their question and answer session, someone asked how to clear their search history on Apple’s Maps app.

My intuition was to enter the application’s search bar, which shows an inventory of your previous searches, just below the search field. This is my destination location when I’m trying to create a previous one for you to search. But, as you can click on it previously, you are looking around to load it again, you will not be able to slide over a certain person’s objects to take it out and there is no button to load them all out. (Apple Maps users on the iPad receive an appropriate useful Clear button throughout the search window, but iPhone customers are generally not so lucky.)

To get to the correct location, you want to transform the marker icon in the upper right corner of the screen. (I used to be reminded of that doctor who episode with the additional door that no one else can see, I’m not sure I ever touched that marker icon, however, presumably, it stays there all the time !!!)

However, as quickly as you are in a modest icon, you will be offered a tabbed interface that can display marked places, an inventory of the most recent locations and contacts. After turning into Recents, look inside the top left corner of the screen and you will notice a “Delete” button. You cannot delete a specific person’s objects from the recent list; however, you can also blow it all up, so no one wants to tell you how often you will search for the nearest Domino’s Pizza.

Since you’re here, you can also handle Favorites on the Favorites tab. There is an Edit button that allows you to delete certain People’s Favorites and even rename and reorder them. Download.

Then, you will have: A function that seems to be self-evident, however, that has shaken an entire room of individuals (along with me, briefly). As this 1 seemed clear to you, congratulations! You will certainly be more delicate than mine and may be much more likely to not be eaten by Prisoner Zero.

How to keep your search history secret with Private Browsing on iPad, iPhone and Mac

Originally posted 2020-04-25 21:31:39.

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