How to change speed in iMovie for iPad

How to change speed in iMovie for iPad

You can simply adjust the speed at which part of your iMovie mission (or, by the way the whole movie, if you want) presents itself: you can make a John Woo in slow motion or add comedic, fast-paced sections for a Benny aesthetic Hill from the 1980s. This is not just a short-lived speed change: while you export the movie, the modified speed sections are preserved.

The first job is to choose a part of the film that can be played at a single speed and reduce each end of the half so that it is a body.

Slide left and right throughout the movie until the vertical white line (the piece) is where you need your quick part (or gradual part). Touch the clip so that the various motion icons appear at the back of the screen: Apple calls this an inspector. Then tap into stocks and then into Split. IMovie reduces the level you choose. Now repeat this course at the end of the piece. The designated film portion is separated from the rest of the film as a separate body.

Now, make sure that the white bar is contained in the body that you need to use at a single speed, tap again to display the motion icons and this time, tap Speed. Use the slider to adjust the speed: swipe left (towards the gradual turtle icon) to make it slower or suitable (towards the hare) to make it faster.

In each circumstance, the amount following the hare means precisely how quickly it should touch. The slowest you can go is 1/8 of normal speed (technically, you can go even slower than that, by tapping the Freeze button and selecting the time needed to maintain the pose). The highest speed is to regulate twice. The size of the body naturally changes as you adjust the speed, as it takes more or less time in the clip as a whole.

As you regularly improve, make sure the impact is what you were trying to do, taking advantage of the entire clip. To adjust the speed again, simply insert the white marker thrown back into the body and choose a single speed or press Reset.

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