How To Change CMD Color In Windows 10 By Using Commands

If you have been using the Windows operating system for some time, you may be familiar with the command prompt or CMD. CMD or the command prompt is one of Windows's powerful tools for doing almost anything. We cannot just explain the power of the command prompt in a single article. CMD is the command line interpreter of Windows, but it seems a little boring. The new paint layers generously applied to the rest of Windows are certainly missing.

Windows has always been colorful. Whether themes, backgrounds or icons. By default, Windows CMD displays only white text on a black background. The work is usually done, but many users are looking for ways to add color to the Windows command prompt. Today, in this article, we will share with you the procedure for changing the color of the command prompt in Windows 10 using commands.

In this method, users must enter some commands in the command prompt window to change the background and text color. Follow some of the simple steps below to change the color of CMD using commands.

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Change the color of the command prompt in Windows 10 using commands

Step 1. First of all, you need to open the Start menu and then type CMD. Open the CMD from the list.

Step 2 Now at the command prompt window, type "color /?" (Without the quotes. "

Step 3 The Windows command prompt will now show the color attributes.

Step 4 Two hexadecimal digits specify the color properties – the first is for the background, the second is for the foreground. For example, you could type Color 16. It will change the background color to Blue and the text color to Yellow.

Step 5 That's it, and that's it! You can now try various combinations to choose the best one for you.

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Originally posted 2019-09-30 16:27:33.

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