Apple Tips: How to set up the Apple TV

Apple Tips: How to set up the Apple TV

You are looking for a guide on how to install Apple TV. Not sure if you need it for your task? Do not worry. In this article, we’ll teach you a guide on how to set up Apple TV and explain the benefits.

The first setup of an Apple TV will be done soon – especially you probably have an iPhone or iPad with you. However, there are some changes you may need to make to fully customize the interface and adapt it to your needs. In this article, we’ll look at how you can make your new Apple TV work the way you need it.

How to associate an Apple TV with a TV

Before you start setting up Apple TV, it’s essential to associate it with your TV. You definitely can’t do that without an HDMI cable – something that doesn’t really include Apple TV.

You can have an HDMI cable; otherwise, Apple will promote Belkin’s 2m 8K high speed HDMI cable here for $ 29.95 / $ 29.95 (supreme, you probably own a new Apple TV 4K), in any other potential case buy an HDMI cable on Amazon, like thisfor less than £ 6 / $ 6.

How to set up an Apple TV

How to set up an Apple TV

Once you have an HDMI cable, you can set up Apple TV. See how:

  1. Connect the power cord and connect your Apple TV to your TV via the HDMI cable.
  2. Turn on your TV and switch to the HDMI input where your Apple TV is. (If your TV supports HDMI-CEC, you may not need to switch to the HDMI channel – this can change routinely).
  3. Press the Menu button on the Siri Remote. If that doesn’t cheer up Apple TV, join Siri Remote to Apple TV urgently and hold down the Menu and + keys.
  4. Select your language and country using remote management.
  5. Your iPad or iPhone will come in handy here. If you have a tool with iOS 9.1 or higher, you can use it to set up your community. If you place the iOS machine closed on or on top of Apple TV, information about community configuration (along with the router’s hard password) will be provided.

You must make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your iOS machine. Apple TV “found” our iPhone soon via Bluetooth and tried to join the identical WiFi community that our iPhone uses.

You will probably be satisfied if you realize that typing passwords manually is a nightmare due to keyboard torture, however, we will proceed to do so.

Enter a password on Apple TV

Enter a password on Apple TV

Entering your Apple ID and password is the next step and is probably an irritating experience, mainly due to the clumsy on-screen keyboard where the entire alphabet is displayed on a single line (as a replacement for a grid construction) as it is the case) on the old Apple TV) along with the most used symbols.

This means that you move from one aspect of the screen to the different and inevitably slide over the letter you need to select, as you do not know the intricacies of the trackpad at the top of the Siri Remote.

With Siri

The least complicated option is to dictate your email and password contract with Siri by clicking on the subject on the display and pressing and holding the Mic button on Siri’s remote management.

Talking about Siri Remote, we will not go into details here, as there may be a lot to focus on, however, we now have complete information for using Siri Remote and a useful overview of the problems you can say on Apple TV on Siri.

Use the iPhone app remotely

TvOS 9.1 helps the iPhone Remote app, so you can use your iOS machine to enter sensitive login information and surveys as a replacement for the annoying Apple TV keyboard. In reality, the subject of entering textual content should routinely appear on your iPhone when entering textual content is required on Apple TV.

You can even use the internal Apple Watch Remote app to manage your Apple TV.

Enable Location Services, Siri, Screensavers and more on Apple TV

Enable Location Services, Siri, Screensavers and more on Apple TV

The steps to follow in the Apple TV setup technique are as follows:

  1. Choose whether or not you need to allow location providers:
    You may be surprised why this can be mandatory on a static machine, but it certainly costs a lot if you want Apple’s new screen savers to change primarily based on the time of day.
  2. Choose Siri on Apple TV:
    You must subscribe to Siri (assuming it is supported in your country – you can assume that as a result, you will have Siri on your iPhone, Siri will probably be accessible on Apple TV, but that is not possible. The case). Tell Siri to make the most of the microphone built into the Siri Remote and the new instructions you can use with your Apple TV.
  3. Choose overhead screen protectors:
    It is important to note that overhead screensavers are opt-in as a substitute for opt-out, and you may be asked if you wish to show them throughout the setup. If you have a restricted broadband deal, it is your decision to be careful here, as Apple warns that activating screen savers will generate 600 MB of downloads for 30 days.
  4. Agree to send diagnostic information:
    The closing screen asks if Apple can obtain diagnostic information from Apple TV, along with its location. It’s up to you every time you sign up, however, you won’t be able to complain if Apple TV doesn’t improve the approach you need if you don’t allow it to send diagnostic information to Apple.

Discover the residence display

Meet the home screen

After completing the first setup, you can be taken to your Apple TV’s home screen.

You may find that it is a little completely different from the home display of older Apple TVs, if you are aware of these fashions.

There is no Netflix you can simply be apprehensive about – however, there is no reason to fear. If you’re wondering how to watch Netflix on Apple TV, don’t be afraid; a Netflix app can be accessed from the Apple TV App Store.

This is the time to take a look at the App Store for a variety of apps that you can use to fill your home display.

We have information about Competition for the Apple TV App Store, as well as how to discover the best apps for many who want a little more assistance.

Change screen savers on Apple TV

Change screen savers on Apple TV

There are a few ways to personalize your Apple TV. You might like Apple’s slow-motion aerial photographs of completely different places around the world, looking like London or the Great Wall; however, what if you really feel like something else?

If you are not interested in aerial photographs, which can be displayed at the moment, you can allow an option to show new ones more often.

The new air screensaver settings will be accessed in Settings> General> Screensaver. The default setting is to download new movies month by month. However, you can change them weekly or every day. Note: each batch of recent films weighs approximately 600 MB.

This offers more options, but unfortunately, it is not possible to select which views you see – there is no way to select your favorite metropolis and simply view it, which is a shame.

If you are not interested in the air screensaver, you can choose to use your individual photographs. You can use photos in your iCloud photo library, photo stream, or photo library. To do this:

  1. Open the Photos app on Apple TV and choose the album for which you need to be the screen saver carousel.
  2. Touch screen saver to set this album as a screen saver.
  3. To further refine your settings, go to Settings> General> Screensaver> Screensaver type.

Apple also features photographs of animals, flowers and nature as display-saving options, and you can use album art in the music app, if you wish.

After choosing your photographs, you will be able to select the type of transition between various options, along with Ken Burns, and other options within it, such as Fade Through Black. You can even select how long a slide is displayed.

How to put your Apple TV to sleep

How to put your Apple TV to sleep

Apple TV usually sleeps after an hour, however, you can put it to sleep if you want. Some would say that it is unwise to put fashionable electronics to sleep, as keeping them awake does not cost much vitality; however, you probably have Apple TV in a bed room, in all likelihood you need to stop the light that is displayed whenever you enter during the night.

To put your Apple TV to sleep, press and hold the Start button for a few seconds until you open the appearance menu and choose Sleep.

Press any button on the far Siri if you want to turn on Apple TV again.

How you can prevent your Apple TV from falling asleep

How you can prevent your Apple TV from falling asleep

You may prefer not to let your Apple TV sleep, however, it can leave you relatively weak. Apple TV goes to sleep by default after an hour; however, it is your decision that the screen saver is played in the background.

If you need to change the default setting, go to Settings> General> Sleep later and change it for an hour. The options are Never, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 5 hours and 10 hours; therefore, there may be one that is right for you.

How to restart your Apple TV

How to restart your Apple TV

If something unusual happens on Apple TV, the best answer may be the confirmed “Turn it off and on again” methodology. You can restart your Apple TV by tapping Settings> System> Restart.

Alternatively, you can simultaneously press and hold the menu and home button on Siri’s remote management and start it when the soft light at the entrance to your Apple TV starts to flash.

How to enable VoiceOver on Apple TV

How to enable VoiceOver on Apple TV

Apple has added a variety of accessibility options to Apple TV and VoiceOver is one of the biggest.

You can ask Siri to enable VoiceOver or navigate to Settings> General> Accessibility> VoiceOver.

After VoiceOver is activated, textual content marked with Siri Remote VoiceOver is output loudly.

You can pause VoiceOver by tapping the contact pad as soon as two fingers and double tapping with two fingers to continue.

How to zoom in on your TV screen using Apple TV

How to zoom in on your TV screen using Apple TV

Another accessibility feature risks increasing the display of Apple TV.

To allow zooming, go to Settings> General> Accessibility> Zoom.

After activation, you can use the touchpad on the Siri Remote to enlarge images on Apple TV, zoom in on a selected part of the screen, rotate around an image or change the magnification of the screen.

Enable subtitles and closed captions on Apple TV

Enable subtitles and closed captions on Apple TV

You can even allow closed captions. These are mainly textual descriptions in the display of non-speech components that you may be viewing. Click the Home button three times to open the accessibility options that incorporate VoiceOver, Zoom, subtitles and audio descriptions.

Subtitles, on the other hand, will be activated if you swipe down on the external touch screen while playing video in full screen.

To select a normal one, go to Settings> General> Accessibility> Accessibility shortcut and select its default value.

Take a screenshot on Apple TV

Take a screenshot on Apple TV

It is definitely possible to take a screenshot on Apple TV, however it is not simple. Here’s how.

  1. Download the Apple Xcode enhancement environment from the Mac App Store on your Mac.
  2. Install Xcode on your Mac.
  3. Connect your Apple TV to your Mac via a USB-C or USB cable.
  4. Open Xcode. Select Window> Devices and select Apple TV.
  5. Click Create screenshot.

If this is not supreme, you can take a screenshot with the Notes application on your iPhone.

Documenting video from the Apple TV screen

How to Record Video on the Apple TV Screen

You can even document the video on your Apple TV.

  1. Connect your Apple TV to your Mac using a USB-C cable.
  2. Open QuickTime on your Mac. Select File> New movie recording.
  3. Click the arrow next to the document button and choose Apple TV from the Camera and Microphone options.
  4. Click the Record button.

How to share your Mac, iPad or iPhone screen along with your TV

How to share your Mac, iPad or iPhone screen with your TV

You can see and hear (often) on your Mac, iPad or iPhone on your TV if you use AirPlay to transmit between the two units via Apple TV.

If you need to use AirPlay on your Mac, click the AirPlay icon at the appropriate top of the menu bar and select Apple TV. You can choose to mirror the screen or use the TV as a separate screen to view the content.

To use AirPlay on iPhone eight or earlier, swipe up on the back of the screen and choose Screen Mirroring, while on iPhone X or enlarged you can enter the Control Center from the top of the screen. As with the Mac model of AirPlay, you can mirror your screen or send pages to your TV screen.

The only disadvantage of using AirPlay on your iPad or iPhone is that you simply cannot use the machine, as it transmits content material to the TV and problems similar to phone calls will interrupt its playback.

We have intensive tutorials on how to connect an iPad or iPhone to a TV and how to connect a Mac to a TV for many who need to know more.

Browse the web on Apple TV

Browse the Internet on Apple TV

This is a type of problem that everyone needs to do, however, it is simply really possible with an answer.

There is an open-source mission that allows you to view web content on your Apple TV, according to 9to5Mac. Users can scroll on the web using the glass trackpad on Siri Remote. However, it is unlikely that the web browser will likely be launched on the App Store, as it requires a personal API to run.

The different thing is to use AirPlay to stream a webpage from your Mac, iPad or iPhone to your TV via Apple TV. This approach will be able to see the web page on the bigger screen, but remember the fact that each navigation must be performed through the machine you share – therefore, scrolling must be performed on your Mac, per instance.

We have a tutorial on how to browse the web on an Apple TV, and we’ve also focused on how you can share your Mac screen with your TV.

Troubleshooting your Apple TV

Troubleshooting your Apple TV

If you have problems with Apple TV, the first step is to check that your software is up to date.

Go to Settings> System> Software updates> Update software to see if there can be a replacement. If there is a replacement, you can download and install it here. (You can find out about software program updates in Settings> General> Update software program on older Apple TV fashions).

However, keep an eye out for Apple TV updates, there have been previous reviews that updates brought problems for some people. We suggest that you simply wait a few days before performing the replacement, in this case.


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