Apple Tips: How to sell your iPhone for the best price

Apple Tips: How to sell your iPhone for the best price

Are you looking for a guide How to sell your iPhone at the best price? Not sure if you need it for your task? Do not worry. In this article, we will teach you a Guide on how to sell your iPhone at the best price and explain the benefits.

Do you need to sell your previous iPhone – maybe with an eye on one of the new iPhones? It’s a good idea to consider how much you earn from the previous one and the best strategies and locations to promote a second-hand iPhone.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the promotion options that offer more money for your previous iPhone. In addition, we offer some recommendations on how to assemble your iPhone for sale.

Finally, we’ve talked a little bit about strategies for recycling an old iPhone, which is usually a good suggestion when you’re concerned with the setup and, in addition, you can earn some money.

If you have not yet determined what to do with the money when purchasing your previous phone, refer to iPhone purchases for information.

Prepare your iPhone for sale

Before selling your iPhone, make sure that you have erased all parts saved on it to prevent the individual who bought it from accessing your sensitive information. It is not just a disgrace: it can lead to fraud or identity theft.

Deleting an Apple machine is a reasonably easy process, which we explained in our article An Factory Settings of a iPhone.

We recommend that you are not tempted to sell your iPhone with intact information, even when you assume that the information itself contributes to the value of the merchandise. (For example, when the Flappy Bird recreation was distant from the iOS App Store in 2014, customers started promoting older iPhones for higher costs on eBay, promoting what they would put in the recreation.)

An application or recreation may look like harmless software that cannot be exploited, but it is for your Apple account and may allow a smart hacker to collect private information. It is best to be on the safe side.

In addition, you need to gather all the cables, equipment and packaging needed for the iPhone. Make sure to specify what the iPhone comes through with cables and packaging, especially in case you are promoting on eBay.

Best places to sell an iPhone

You can get an affordable amount for your previous iPhone at Apple or at a third social gathering, especially when you have been saved in good standing.

Apple offers a good deal in itself GiveBack Program, with which you can receive up to R $ 400 for your previous smartphone. (Yes, it doesn’t even have to be an iPhone!) Unfortunately, in January 2020, Apple reduced the amount provided for iPhones as part of the change – it was up to £ 550. See how much you can count on to save on the price of a brand new iPhone when you change your previous model:

Apple iPhone exchange prices

Apple iPhone exchange prices

If you decide to transport your previous iPhone to an Apple Retail Store, the Apple team will give you an overview and provide an exchange price estimate. This price is based on the situation of the {hardware} and the model, the age and specifications of the iPhone. Customers can deduct that amount from the price of a new iPhone or a different Apple product if they decide to market it (you will get a reward voucher from the Apple Store).

If you choose to take the online exchange course, you will need to access this Apple’s GiveBack page, answer a few questions to help Apple decide the estimated value of the machine, then send your iPhone to Dataserv for review. After Brightstar (Apple’s recycling company) checks your machine and decides the appropriate exchange value, that money can be deposited into your bank account.

You can sell your previous phone eBay, Gumtree or.

Another option is to sell your iPhone to be considered one of the following. You may not receive as much money as you would sell on eBay or something, but it is much less of a problem. You earn more money with an unlocked device in good standing.

  • Game – The game pays money or credit for your devices.
  • CeX – Like the game, CeX offers cash or credit.
  • CashGenerator – If you enter your iPhone information on the website, one of the company’s stores will contact you.
  • Envirophone – This site also offers money for your previous cell phone. They even settle for broken phones.

How much does your previous iPhone price cost?

The price you can get for a used iPhone will depend on the mannequin you purchased and where you sell it. You typically receive more money from a personal sale than from a retailer or suppliers (as a result, they need to incorporate a format after they sell it).

You can count on more to:

  • A more moderate iPhone.
  • A Plus or Max mannequin (in contrast to the smaller device from the identical era).
  • High capacity – count on more to get a mannequin of 256 GB or more, let alone when you have only 16 GB of supply.
  • An undamaged phone.
  • An unlocked device. (If you’re going to a community, consider unlocking it first – that’s how to unlock an iPhone; however, consider how much unlocking the device will increase its value sooner than it will be paid for.)
  • An iPhone whose battery has been replaced. (Your iPhone’s battery may need to be replaced. Apple can replace trendy iPhone batteries from iPhone 6 – more about replacing the iPhone battery here.)

We will then submit the various types of iPhones to see the price. Below, we cite the costs that we now observe for the unlocked mannequin with the highest capacity, which is in good condition. So count on much less!

One of the reasons why second-hand costs are not good is that it is really simple to buy a refurbished Apple iPhone and different retailers (specifically, those listed below who buy the previous iPhone, after which they resolve any issues with it before reselling) . Buyers profit by buying these reformed fashions, as they will ensure that they can actually work as marketed.

Original iPhone

Generally, a smartphone for more than ten years should not promote prices, however, the authentic iPhone has a nostalgic problem that cannot be matched by later fashions.

However, if you need to download the authentic iPhone, you probably won’t be satisfied with Apple’s ranking. Apple says the real iPhone “has no residual value”.

It is better to look for a collector eBay. In fact, whether it is completely sealed in its authentic packaging, you may be able to pay enough for a new iPhone model – they are usually seen on eBay for over 1,000 pounds. However, this is very optimistic and a more practical expectation can be from R $ 20 to R $ 100. And remember that you must pay eBay and PayPal prices at the beginning of the delivery prices when selling through online public sale website.

It is a price investigation by Gumtree to stay away from such prices, although you do not get the help you simply get from eBay and PayPal when using this service.

iPhone 3G and 3GS

Unfortunately, the iPhone 3G and 3GS share the aging of the authentic iPhone, but they do not make up for it with the nostalgic issue, so they are unlikely to make a lot of money.

Iphone 4

Even the iPhone Four is way back in time to attract the majority of consumers and is not content with a lot of commerce in places. GAME provides an exchange value of just £ 20 for the iPhone 4 (in good condition, 16 GB model, unlocked), while the highest on CEX is £ 18 (cash). Remember, with these suppliers, you get more when you decide to get credit (for example, vouchers to spend at the retailer) as an alternative to cash.

You may have the opportunity to resell eBayBut don’t count on much more than 15 pounds – and that’s for an unlocked mannequin. You still have to pay delivery prices and eBay prices.

Iphone 4s

The iPhone 4s shouldn’t be much simpler to market than the 4. If you’re in a really good situation, you might be able to find out something for the subsequent purchase, which resembles GAME (the maximum we saw recently is £ 32) and CEX (up to 28 pounds).

You could get about £ 33 in it eBay to an unlocked device.

iPhone 5

How to Sell an Old iPhone: iPhone 5

How to Sell an Old iPhone: iPhone 5

If you purchased an iPhone 5, CEX provided £ 30 at the time of writing and GAME would buy one for £ 42. Alternatively, Envirofone provides up to 10 pounds for a 64 GB model.

We saw that the fashion of the iPhone 5 rose to £ 35 eBay, however, we will not guarantee that you will receive this form of award.

Iphone 5c

You can sell your iPhone 5C up to R $ 48.00 to GAME, or CEX up to R $ 39.

Perhaps you can sell your iPhone 5c on eBay for £ 35, however, there may be many competitors; therefore, do not be surprised to find that it is difficult to find a bidder (or sell for much less). It is likely that it is higher to try a personal Gumtree sale.

iPhone 5s

You’ll find that you can get £ 35 for a good iPhone 5s on Ebay. The GAME can provide £ 64, while you would count on the £ 35 round on Envirophone.

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

THE GAME offers £ 99 for a 128 GB iPhone 6 in a glorious situation or £ 120 for your iPhone 6 Plus.

However, you can get more on eBay or through a personal sale. We saw IPhone 6 fashions of 16 GB for more than £ 60.

How to Sell an Old iPhone: iPhone 6 Plus

How to Sell an Old iPhone: iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

If you need to sell an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, you can count on up to R $ 100.00 on GAME for 6s and R $ 132.00 on Plus. On Ebay you take a look at about £ 150.

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Apple merchandise maintains its value properly and the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus is no exception. Apple continued to sell the device until September 2019 and you should still have the opportunity to discover a new mannequin. When Apple bought the iPhone 7 and Seven Plus, price £ 449 / $ 449 or £ 569 / $ 569 therefore, it would not be practical to have a buyer to match a used mannequin.

GAME provides £ 147 in cash for a 256 GB iPhone 7 in good standing, while an iPhone 7 Plus can yield £ 187. CEX buys an iPhone 7 for £ 126 and a Plus for £ 155.

Perhaps you sell higher on eBay or via Gumtree to an enthusiastic native buyer.

iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X

For Apple’s iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, you see much higher costs. While the iPhone X has been discontinued, the Eight fashions are still on sale at Apple, where they start at £ 479 or £ 579.

You can count on £ 700 or more for one of these newer fashions from eBay or Gumtree, while on GAME or CEX you get around £ 165 for an Eight and £ 222 for an 8 Plus.

How to recycle an old iPhone

During the occasion of the iPhone SE launch in March 2016, Apple spent a shocking period talking about its recycling apps and, in particular, a new robot designed – apparently known as “Liam” – to quickly and precisely dismantle previous devices and repair your components.

Liam was changed by Daisy, who basically does the same factor, however, we anticipate it to be an updated mannequin. This was introduced during the launch of Apple’s iPhone XS in September 2018.

All of this draws a lot of attention and, of course, is a pleasant PR for a company that prides itself (with reason, we would say) on its tremendously improved perspective on environmental issues. In addition, it means that people who need to download an earlier iPhone can do so with a clearer awareness of the unusual and / or harmful supplies on it and where they can end up. Even higher, you could earn just a little money while doing this.

First, Apple guarantees to take all electrical equipment for recycling when you take it to an Apple Store. They don’t need to have an Apple model: the company will eliminate “responsible electronic equipment like smartphones, tablets, computers or batteries” in a responsible method for free.

After all, there are exceptions to this supply and, in case of doubt, we advocate that you simply name the retailer sooner than the one presented, especially if your merchandise is unusually heavy. You don’t have to drag him home afterwards.

For sure, iPhone (and iPad and Mac) fashions, Apple will embellish the deal by providing you with a gift voucher to earn some money on your subsequent purchase; in addition, it sends you a payment delivery label according to use, to send it free of charge. This applies to the iPhone Four and better.

The money you get differs from case to case (depending on your phone situation), so we are unable to provide useful recommendations here, apart from researching – assuming money is an element for you, find out how much you need to ‘pay can get to machine from different sources, so you can determine in more detail. Contact Apple through it GiveBack Page.

If you purchased an authentic iPhone, iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS, Apple will recycle the machine for you, but it will not provide you with money and you will need to take it to an Apple Store. On the other hand, the units of this classic would not be used much until they are in good condition and you discover someone who loves prior knowledge.

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