Apple Tips: HomePod software: how to update and get new features

Apple Tips: HomePod software: how to update and get new features

You are looking for a HomePod software guide: how to update and get new features. Not sure if you need it for your task? Do not worry. In this article, we’ll teach you a Guide to HomePod software: how to update and get new features and explain the benefits.

Apple introduced a number of new features to HomePod at the WWDC in June 2019 and they finally arrived at HomePod on October 28 through an update to iOS 13 on the iPhone.

But unfortunately, due to problems that some people had with the update, Apple withdrew the iOS 13.2 update shortly thereafter.

If you’ve updated your iPhone and HomePod, you should have no problems – as long as you don’t reset or remove HomePod from the Home app. If you do, you probably want to take your HomePod to Apple for maintenance! More about the problems below.

When the software program update is reissued, all you have to do is update the HomePod to get the new features, along with voice detection, Handoff features and more, to update the iPhone to iOS 12.3. Below, we clarify how you can update your HomePod.

Problem date for the new HomePod software program

Version 13 of the HomePod program came alongside iOS 13.2 on October 28, 2019. It was expected to look like iOS 13 on September 19, 2019, however, Apple has again released many of the new features promised for the sensible speaker.

However, as mentioned above, this update was withdrawn shortly after it was released after some people discovered that their HomePods would not start after the reset. Apple now warns that HomePod should not be reset with the iOS 13.2 program, according to this help document.

We expect the iOS 13.2 update to be reissued before the beginning of November.

Some new features from HomePod arrived on September 30, along with the addition of several radio stations on the Web – now you can ask Siri: “Play Heart FM” to listen to this radio station, for example.

We even have a separate article that covers what HomePod does – and the new features that HomePod offers. For more information on using HomePod ,: Using HomePod and HomePod tips

Update the HomePod program

Your HomePod can update the software program robotically. However, if you are asking if there was an update that you missed, follow these steps.

Updating the HomePod is possible through the iPhone application, so you must first verify that your iPhone’s software program is present.

Go to Settings> General> Software update to check if your iPhone program is up to date. Your iPhone will look for updates and you will notice a message that your iPhone is up to date or a message indicating that the software program wants to be installed.

If you want to update the iPhone software program, go ahead. For more information on updating your iPhone: How do I update the iPhone software program.

Once you have the software program on your iPhone, you can be ready to update your HomePod.

  1. Access the Home app on the iPhone (if you can’t see it, slide your finger down on the iPhone and start typing Home).
  2. If there is an update, you will notice that there is an update out there.
  3. If you don’t see a message, touch the house icon in the upper left corner.
  4. Scroll down the web page to establish the software program that is currently installed on your HomePod. If an update is available, click Details.
  5. Click Download and Install
  6. Agrees with the conclusion and circumstances
  7. The update is downloaded
  8. You can choose to install the updates here in a robotic way by tapping the slider to make it inexperienced.
  9. Click on your HomePod under your Favorite device
  10. Click on Details

If you don’t see a word that an update is available, go to Details as above and scroll down to Version and check which model is listed.

It is possible that the update occurred robotically.

Set the HomePod to update robotically

If you need HomePod updates to be done robotically, sooner or later, you can define this as follows.

  1. Open the home application.
  2. Click the home icon (top left)
  3. Scroll down to Software Update, click on it
  4. Set the subsequent slider to Install updates robotically as inexperienced

What is the latest software program for HomePod?

Version 13 of the HomePod program arrived on October 28, 2019 (although it was withdrawn shortly thereafter). This new model of the HomePod software program consists of helping multiple customers, made possible by a new risk that HomePod will recognize your voice. Another new feature means that you can ‘deliver’ music played on the iPhone to the HomePod by closing the phone on the speaker.

A new feature arrived in early October – it is now possible to ask Siri to play a radio station via HomePod as an alternative to being able to broadcast it on your iPhone. This operation is feasible by TuneIn Radio.

for 2021, the update of the HomePod program allowed customers to name HomePod without using an iPhone. In addition, it allows customers to “ping” an out-of-place iPhone, search for letters by quantity and set multiple timers.

Version 1. four of the HomePod software program, which came out on May 29, 2018, added stereo sound and features from multiple rooms, in addition to calendar entry.

HomePod 11.3, released on March 29, 2018, added common improvements for stability and high quality. more about the new features of the new model of the HomePod program here.

our overview of HomePod and discover the way forward for HomePod and the rumors that a HomePod mini can be launched quickly.

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