Apple Tips: How to get Apple TV+ for free

Apple Tips: How to get Apple TV+ for free

You are looking for a guide on how to get Apple TV + for free. Not sure if you need it for your task? Do not worry. In this article, we’ll teach you a Guide on how to get Apple TV + for free and explain the benefits.

Finally, Apple’s Apple TV + streaming service is here. The price is £ 4.99 / $ 4.99 for 30 days, which is lower than different streaming providers. In addition, it offers less than different streaming providers, without the large catalogs of films and TV packages provided by Netflix, Amazon Prime and others.

You may need to watch Watchor The morning gift, or one of the many different packages transmitted by Apple; however, the monthly subscription will not be a curiosity for you. Want to know when you can get Apple TV + for free? We will evaluate your choices.

Wondering what all that noise is about? Here is a complete record of the programs that reach Apple TV +.

Register for the 7-day trial

Your first option is to activate your seven-day free trial.

However, the 7-day trial interval is extended robotically on a monthly subscription, so you need to cancel a week within the week if you don’t want to run out of money.

Apple TV + 7-day trial

Apple TV + 7-day trial

The 7-day trial can look interesting when you assume you can see your entire sequence Watch every week, however, now (November 1, 2019), shows are only steamed weekly. Therefore, the main episode can now be obtained, but there are no different episodes.

There will be eight episodes in the first season of Watch, with a brand new one every Friday. Based on this, all episodes of the service must be obtained from December 6th.

So you can wait until December 6, after which you try to watch all the episodes of that week before stopping the subscription before the start.

All of this is great when you have a certain sequence of thoughts and assume that you can have time to see the entire season in a single week; however, what happens when you assume you want a little more time?

Buy an Apple product for 12 months free of Apple TV +

There is a way to get Apple TV + free for 12 full months. All you have to do is buy a new product from Apple.

This could be one of the following many:

New iPhones 2019

New iPhones 2019

As much as you purchased after September 10, you are eligible to receive 12 months of free TV + broadcasting.

Once you have made your qualifying purchase, you only want to:

  1. Open the TV app on your new Mac, iPhone, iPad or Apple TV
  2. Make sure the gadget is working with the latest software program
  3. Click on the gift you need to watch – it’s better to see the option to enjoy 12 months for free. Note: This only appears when you purchase a new gadget. In any other case, you will only see the 7-day trial supply.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. Confirm that you really want to activate the free 12 months.
  6. You will see a message that the 12 free months will start instantly and will last up to 12 subsequent months and 12 subsequent months, after which it is likely to be extended to a monthly subscription. If you need to cancel your subscription, you can do so.

Note: You have three months to purchase a brand-new gadget to start your free annual subscription, or, when you purchased the gadget before the Apple TV + service launched on November 1st, you can have until February 1st. If you leave the free one year before expiration, you cannot restart it.

What if you are considering buying a new Apple gadget in late 2019 or 2020. Can you switch from a subscription to the free annual model?

We assume that you can do this by canceling your subscription sooner than you sign up again through the one-year trial interval.

Share an Apple TV + subscription with your family

You can share a TV + subscription with six family members.

To do this, all of you could be part of the identical Family Sharing group.

By linking your Apple accounts collectively under the Family Sharing group, you can:

  • Share music purchased from the iTunes Store
  • Share an entry on Apple Music (as long as you have a familiar Apple Music subscription)
  • Share apps purchased on the App Store (however, app purchases cannot be shared)
  • Share Apple Books
  • Access to video games on Apple’s Arcade gaming platform (with a subscription)
  • Share a News + subscription
  • Share an iCloud storage plan

One of your family members must be the family organizer, who mainly chooses who will be part of the group and must present their bank details to pay for any purchases.

It is intended to be family members in the same family. While you can organize this with different “family members”, we anticipate that the frustration of getting all the funds for each party through the “organizer’s” bank account could make this sale problematic. However, if that means at least you and your companion do not need to sign up for the service to watch programs on each iPhones.

Cancel an Apple TV + subscription

So these are three ways to get Apple TV + for free, at least for a while, or by sharing a subscription with a family member.

We assume that one of the simplest ways to get on Apple TV + is to subscribe in the traditional way; however, just cancel it at any time.

Follow these steps to cancel your Apple TV + subscription:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Touch the top part along with your identification.
  3. Touch iTunes and App Store.
  4. Touch your Apple ID at the top.
  5. Choose View Apple ID.
  6. Scroll down to Subscriptions. Touch it.
  7. Now make a subscription that you really want to cancel (in this case, Apple TV +).
  8. On the subsequent web page, tap Cancel subscription.

Apple TV + free

Apple TV + free

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