Apple: FaceTime, Zoom used to film episode of CBS show 'All Rise'

Apple: FaceTime, Zoom used to film episode of CBS show 'All Rise'

The CBS drama series ‘All Rise’ returns on May 4 with a virtual episode recorded with FaceTime, Zoom and other video conferencing applications, reflecting the daily lives of people working at home in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The CBS drama ‘All Rise’ returns on May 4 with a new episode of Social Distance.

Due to heavy requests for home stays and mandates for social distance, most television productions have been suspended as the new coronavirus continues to spread in the United States and beyond. This includes all production of Apple’s current Apple TV + titles.

But at least one television program uses the current situation as a real plot. CBS announced on Monday that an upcoming episode of the public drama ‘All Rise’ will focus on the ‘impact of the pandemic on the criminal justice system’.

The episode is filmed with Apple FaceTime, Zoom, Cisco WebEx and other online multimedia tools in a way that respects the rules of social distance. A solo cinematographer will also capture images of the ‘desolate environment’ around Los Angeles trapped in a vehicle.

Executive producer Greg Spottiswood called the episode a unique opportunity to “talk about community resilience, justice and strength”.

The plot revolves around Judge Lola Carmichael, played by Simone Missick, who leads a “virtual trial”. But it also shows characters who manage the ‘new standard’ that COVID-19 imposed on them. At least one character faces the challenge of being a driver during the pandemic, CBS said.

Consultancy producer and former Los Angeles prosecutor Gil Garcetti, “will provide information on how the legal system in Los Angeles continues, even during the pandemic.”

“All Rise” is not the only program that uses technology to create new content during the current pandemic. In March, Conan O’Brien announced that he would continue filming his nightly show ‘Conan’ from his home with an iPhone. Famous Beats 1 DJs also use Apple’s FaceTime to conduct interviews with special guests.

The new episode will air at 9pm. (ET / PT) Monday, May 4. Apple users can capture the episode using the CBS app on iOS, iPadOS or tvOS.

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