How to access music controls in iOS 10’s Control Centre

In this article, we gave you a tutorial on how to access the music controls in the iOS 10 Control Center. Before continuing the guide, let us know. If you need any help, see this in the comments section.

Steps: How to access music controls in the iOS 10 Control Center

Where did the music buttons go in the Control Center? How do I play, pause, rewind and fast forward my music on iOS 10 and how do I change or mute the amount?

Accessing music controls in the iOS 10 Control Center: summary

However, the music controls are in the Control Center on iOS 10 – they are just a small display of their own. After opening the Control Center (sliding your finger up on the space screen), swipe left and you will see “1 other” Control Center dedicated to music

How to access the music controls in the iOS 10 Control Center: Where did the music controls go in the Control Center?

If you’ve upgraded your iPad or iPhone to iOS 10, chances are you’ll find the new options and become familiar with the (usually minor) interface modifications. A change that causes some confusion affects the Control Center and how you access the music controls. Therefore, in this quick tutorial, we will clarify how to access the music controls in iOS 10.

In iOS 9 and earlier, music controls could be obtained from the Control Center, accessible by swiping up at the bottom of the space screen. This saved you the trouble of unlocking your phone and opening the Music app every time you needed to play a track.

As we know in the general part of the overview above, on iOS 10, however, the music buttons are in the Control Center, they are a little more durable to find, as they acquired their own ‘display’ in the Control Center .

Moving from the space screen by default shows a management method very similar to the outdated 1, only without music controls: there are switches for airplane mode, Bluetooth, wifi, do not disturb and orientation lock, a brightness slider, controls Airplay and AirDrop, Night shift and the flashlight, clock, calculator and camera next to the bottom.

On iOS 9 (left), there are music buttons in the middle of the Control Center. On iOS 10 (suitable), they are pressed by a new night shift management button

Swipe left anywhere on the Control Center panel and you can see a separate Control Center for music controls. This provides playback, pause, rewind and fast forward controls and monitor quantity, details and illustrations, as well as the power to choose completely different audio outputs, similar to the Bluetooth audio system.

Swipe left and you’ll discover … a new Control Center panel with music controls!

There can also be a quick jump to the Music app to choose a new album (tap the album image at the top or the Music icon if no track is chosen); however, you must enter a password or use Touch ID to do so.

Final words

I hope you enjoy the article How to access music controls in the iOS 10 Control Center. If you still need any help, ask in the comments section.

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