4 Ways How to Get On the First Page of Google

SEO Guide: Just like Google believes that the quality of a website is still a mystery to everyone. Search engines keep the crucial things in their algorithms under strong security to prevent web developers from playing on the system. So in this task, we’ll show you what you should do to grow your site and motivate Google to put it on the first page the world will see. Following a few simple steps (4 ways to access the first Google page) allows you to create the site that appears at the top of Google’s ranking search results.


How does Google determine relevance? By finding similarities in the keywords that the searcher is using, and in the keywords and content on your site. That is why keyword research is so important. If you know what keywords your potential customers are looking for, you’ll need to add them to your site in strategic locations, so that Google can justify your site’s relevance.

You see, it’s not enough to have a great website. Google needs to determine that it’s about target audience research.
So, where do you put your keywords?

Here are the following areas where Google searches for keywords to determine relevance:

Most importantly – Meta topic, title H1, URL (or at the end of your URL) and the content of your website.
Least important – Meta keyword topics (Google no, Bing yes and Yahoo) and its alternate topics (images).


Unfortunately, adding keywords to your website is only 10% of the battle. The biggest challenge is to make Google consider your site more authoritative than everyone else’s on the Internet.

This is 90% of the battle that everyone on the web is currently fighting.

Now, Google judges the authority of a website, like most universities – it is based on how much your information is cited, cited or, in the case of your website, how many times someone links to your website. It is based on how many links you have, the quality and authority of the sites linked to you and all the different sites linked to you.


  • Volume – The more links you have, the better.
  • Quality – The higher the authority or “page rank” of the sites linked to you, the better.
  • Diversity – The more different places that link to you, the better.

The good news is that the more links you get, the easier it will be to improve your placement on Google. The bad news is that you worked hard to get people to connect with you.


Google started using this as a measure – due to the huge influence of social media. So, Google seeks to see the popularity of its website in places like Facebook and Twitter. The more mentions you have, the more favorable Google will see your site as something they want to show their searchers.

So if you can improve your influence by getting more mentions on Facebook and more tweets and retweets on Twitter, your chances of reaching the first page will increase.

10 More Things You Need To Know To Get On the first page of Google

  1. Create original, quality content
  2. Use appropriate images
  3. Use and learn to use keywords
  4. Choose a good domain name
  5. Use descriptions
  6. Use headers
  7. Create quality backlinks
  8. Be active on social media platforms
  9. Learn how to use Trends
  10. Add your business’s physical location on Google maps
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