Google Pixelbook Chrome OS tablet, aka Nocturne, likely coming in October

About ten months have passed since Surface Pro 4 was replaced by the main home / office computer with the Google Pixelbook. In the latest version of Chrome, version 69, which supports Linux applications, the Pixelbook continues to be improved.

I use my Pixelbook with 95% of my laptop settings, but some want a Pixelbook tablet with an optional keyboard. My co-host of the MoTR podcast, Kevin Tofel, did a serious research and showed that the Chrome OS (Nocturne) tablet should be published in a few weeks by some recent discoveries.

Kevin discovered for the first time that there are two possible Brydge keyboards for this tablet and discovered the tablet. You should remember that Brydge makes a great keyboard for devices like iPad and Surface Pro. So having a Brydge keyboard for the Google Chrome OS tablet is a wonderful thing.

Image: Kevin Tofel

The site Brydge contains several images of this tablet on the keyboard and these images have generated information about this tablet. These include at least one USB-C port, two extended-length speaker grids, a flat power button, possibly a fingerprint scanner, and several removable microphone ports. Acoustic echo and 3000 x 2000 pixel resolution are displayed.

A Google utility button and a utility or system key much like those displayed on the Google Pixel are evidence that this Brydge keyboard is for Google devices. This is exciting news for people who work in tablet mode, but I will not update my pixel book. Again, we need to confirm the content posted on October 9th.

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I hope you like the news of Google Chrome, also known as Nocturne, probably in October. Stay tuned for more updates

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