2020: Best Wireless Headphones – Recommended

2020: Best Wireless Headphones – Recommended

Stereo headphones already exist for the first Sony Walkman, and this is the time it takes to be confused to listen to music on the go. It takes a long time, if you ask us. Fortunately, this is where wireless headphones come in. They are suitable for any situation where you don’t want to worry about hanging cables, especially at the gym. And now that many phone manufacturers are abandoning the headset, the wireless headset is a good way to ensure compatibility with virtually all new devices.

Wireless technology doesn’t mean bad sound anymore. Bluetooth audio sounds better than ever today. Although the Bluetooth stereo data signal has been compressed, several headset vendors have found ways to improve the signal to compensate for reliability deficiencies. That said, audiophiles will always hear a difference and should probably stick with wired headphones. But for a relaxed listening experience, most newer wireless models have tested great, if not great, sound. See our buying tips below to choose the perfect pair.

Headphones or headphones?

Wireless headphones (or headsets) offer a slightly different sound profile than conventional headphones. Generally, you get a better sound with a full set of “cans” around your head than pimples in your ears, but the sound quality in your ear has improved considerably. Most importantly, the headphones are much more water resistant and more suitable for use during training. Sue well and you ruin the headphones.

If you’re not looking primarily for wireless headphones for the gym, conventional headphones offer an excellent listening experience. However, you must choose between in-ear and on-the-ear models. The headphones support the ears against the ears, but do not surround them. Ear plugs completely surround your ears. Headphones block out external noise and generally provide a more powerful and richer sound, but headphones are less bulky and disturbing to carry around in motion. See the best headphones for more.

How long do they last?

Bluetooth headsets are useful when charged, but if the batteries are empty, you will remain without music. Some headset manufacturers have a portable charging compartment, as Apple does with its AirPods. Others contain a detachable 3.5 mm cable.

For models with a wired option, you can connect the cable and use it like a conventional helmet until you can load and use it safely on aircraft to get started. Wireless headphones almost never have this option because they are so small that there is simply no room for connecting headphones.

What is your budget?

Here’s an overview of the Updated 2020: the best wireless headphones we’ve tested, regardless of price. As a result, many of the options are in the $ 100 range. This does not mean that you have to spend a lot of money on headphones with high quality sound. If you buy on a limited budget, you can choose 2020 Upgraded: the best headphones under $ 50 for a variety of exceptional options that won’t spoil you.

With that in mind, we have included a number of styles and prices here. You will inevitably find something that suits you, that sounds good and, above all, that doesn’t connect you. If you’ve found the perfect match, check out our five simple tips to extend the life of your helmet and six ways to wear it incorrectly. And if you want to share your music with others, look no further than our favorite Wireless headphones.

Here they are Best wireless headphones

Bose QuietComfort 35 II

Honestly, you won’t find a better solution for active noise suppression, period. QuietComfort 35 Wireless II headphones (we’ll be brief with the QC35 Wireless II) are leaders in the field of Bose noise reduction. Listening to music with the QC35 Wireless II is a pleasure. The sound quality is excellent and the headphones feature Bose’s slightly accentuated bass signature, which has defined the brand’s headphones for more than a generation.

Although this includes “rest” at QuietComfort, “comfort” is also worth mentioning. The QC35 wireless model is available in an elegant, discreet, black or silver finish and is lightweight with generous upholstery that keeps you comfortable, even after long listening sessions. Do you see an international flight? O Bose The QC35 Wireless II not only has a sturdy battery for traveling throughout the journey, but it’s also great.


  • Powerful audio performance
  • class noise cancellation
  • In-ear access to Google Assistant
  • Can be used in passive mode.


  • The cable does not have an in-line remote control
  • Highly sculpted sound signature, not for purists
  • The DSP has a major impact on audio at key volumes.

B&O Play Beoplay H4

BeoPlay H4 headphones are the least expensive over-the-ear options of the brand and, while accepting some compromises, they offer at least the performance as good as you would find on Beats, if not more impressive. This leather is made of lambskin, which is good for the ears and contributes to the comfort of the helmet during the period when we could use it. Although the H4 headphones are very compact, the headphones fit perfectly in our ears, and when we come in contact with the soft leather, they always feel comfortable.

With this contact, the helmet can stay hot and humid for a long time, but we will have to test it further to determine if this is the case. The headset control buttons are located below the right headset. B&O opted for a simpler control scheme: it chose to use a single button for controlling the range, pairing, activating and deactivating the headset.


  • Elegant appearance
  • Solid and refined bass
  • Comfortable


Sony WH-1000XM2

Sony’s technology-rich WH-1000xM2 is the result of the remarkable MDR-1000x, which offers world-class noise reduction, excellent wireless sound and luxurious comfort. This attractive combination gave the model a rare five-star rating by our reviewers and, with some notable improvements, makes the latest version 2020 Updated: the best headset you can buy right now.

The WH-1000xM2’s excellent noise reduction system is just behind the Bose QC35 II, the brand that has long dominated the market in the field of sound blocking. That said, Sony’s headphones sound much better than this new Bose option, rich in bass, and offer many features that contribute to a much more luxurious overall experience. If you are looking for a pair of extremely comfortable wireless headphones, with quality sound and many functions, these are updated 2020: the best you can find.


  • Beautiful and dynamic sound signature
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Excellent noise cancellation
  • Long battery life


  • Occasionally delayed touch controls

Marshall Mid ANC

With the new Marshall Mid A.N.C. Model (Active Noise Canceling) ($ 269), the company firmly installs its excellent headphones in the travel industry, allowing listeners to hear the sound of their favorite bands on trains, airports and lively streets without outside interruption. We may prefer the lower price of the first Mid, but that does not mean that we have the appeal of the new A.N.C. will not see. fashion model.

With the same style, the same sound signature and the addition of high quality noise reduction, the Marshall Mid A.N.C. always offer listeners a higher value proposition – and a lot more elegant look – than many other noise cancellation models we’ve tested. Obviously, we added the name to the list of helmets that we recommend for people who travel a lot.


  • Warm and energetic sound
  • Excellent controls
  • Solid noise cancellation
  • Stylish case


  • Tightening clamping force
  • Price premium not compatible with the addition of ANC

Shure SE215

Although Shure is known worldwide in audiophile circles, the brand is also appreciated by listeners concerned with price, as it offers products with excellent sound / currency value. Shure SE215 headphones are considered upgraded from 2020: the best you can get in the range of less than $ 100 in terms of sound quality. Therefore, it is logical that during the first jump in the world of imports for wireless networks, the company turns to SE215 to create SE215 Wireless.

After spending a few weeks with our few tests, we were impressed by these simple and elegant ears. With exceptional sound, excellent passive sound insulation and intuitive functions, the Shure SE215 wireless headset is a real passion. The headphones look identical to their wired predecessor, with curved black, blue, white or transparent plastic cases (our research pair was black).


  • Vibrant and detailed sound.
  • Headphones fit securely and comfortably
  • Replaceable cable
  • Intuitive controls


  • The neck strap can be a little awkward
  • Protecting or removing headphones is time consuming

Sennheiser HD1

With the HD1, you get everything we love, with a high-quality headset experience – comfort, durability, reliability – all without cables. You also get two sets of boxes in one, because it fits into a plug-in and converts it into a leading headset that competes better. Whether you’re listening via Bluetooth or through the traditional headphone jack, these headphones offer brilliant sound performance with a big sound picture and powerful, authoritative bass.

An interesting feature to note is that, if the headset is on, noise reduction is also on – there will be no button off. Although you may think that this becomes monotonous, the isolation is really just to provide better sound performance and has not yet caused us a real problem with usability; if you go out with pots in your ear, you are probably not very receptive to the world around you, regardless of whether the sound is canceled or not. You can often find the previous version of these headphones – the Momentum 2.0 – online at a greatly reduced price, if you want to save a few euros.


  • Rich sound with excellent details
  • Large dimensional sound scale
  • Nearly perfect wireless performance
  • Impressive battery life
  • The fashion


  • Echo effect on phone calls
  • Noise canceling more or less
  • Bass can be a little heavy in wireless mode

Plantronics Backbeat Sense

That’s right: Plantronics, a supplier of Bluetooth headsets, offers one of the 2020: Best options for wireless headsets. These headphones are light and simple. Although they are probably not looking for design, they are comfortable and offer Upgraded 2020: the best sound quality of all wireless headphones, regardless of price. These headphones blink a little at high volume levels and do not include noise reduction, but all genres sound good with Sense and you can listen to long sessions with 18 hours of autonomy.

They also have one of the 2020 Upgrades: the best wireless ranges on the market. A pressure sensor integrated in the right atrium lets you know when you are wearing the helmet or not. When you lift your head, the music stops immediately, although removing the right atrium does the same. Bluetooth 4.0 is supported and up to two devices can be connected at the same time.


  • Detailed and balanced sound
  • Relaxed and comfortable fit
  • Good controls
  • Excellent phone performance
  • Impressive battery life / wireless range


  • Neutral design
  • No Siri or Google Now integration

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Jabra Elite Active 65t

The Elite Active 65t from Jabra may look like small versions of the Bluetooth headsets that have already helped define the brand, but don’t be fooled by the design reminder; now these are easily our favorite 100% wireless headphones on the market. With a battery life of five hours, an IP56 water resistance and a number of useful application-based functions, the 65t is updated in 2020: the best of Apple’s AirPods.

Three sets of silicone tips and a very comfortable design guarantee an almost perfect ear seal, for a comfortable fit with excellent passive sound insulation. The sound is clear and detailed, with an impressive bass and a surprisingly agile high register. Five hours of autonomy per charge are put with 2020 Updated: the best in the market and a charging tape adds two extra costs during the trip.


  • Reliable connection
  • Excellent noise isolation
  • Focused and balanced sound
  • Good battery life
  • Sweet tasting


  • A small amount of connection noise
  • Very tight fit

Sennheiser Urbanite XL

Sennheiser Urbanite XL cuts the wire, but not the sound quality. Sennheiser tries to compete with Urbanite XL under the star brand, with low fleshy tones that compete with everything Dre or 50 Cent has to offer. In fact, unlike these other brands, XL does not compromise balance or clarity. They are a little bulky, but are comfortable for long listening sessions.

Urbanite was designed to provide the style and bass accents that attract today’s young listeners, while remaining true to the Sennheiser form without sacrificing the overall sound quality. It sounds like a simple idea, and Sennheiser is not the first to have it, but Urbanite performs better than any other headset we’ve heard before and won the asking price in full.


  • Great sound quality
  • Solid bass balanced with good mid and treble
  • Wireless with excellent battery life
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Still bulky, even when folded
  • Touch controls are very sensitive
  • expensive

Phiaton BT 100 NC

Phiaton has been at the forefront of charging Bluetooth headsets for years and this is no wonder: the headset is always among the best. With regard to wireless in-ear options, the BT 100 NC remains true to the company’s flawless roadmap. Armed with Bluetooth 4.0 and AptX compatibility for CD-quality sound on compatible devices (for example, some Android phones), the BT 100 NC not only offers superior sound quality, but also the ability to connect to multiple devices.

Best of all, you can focus on what you’re listening to, thanks to noise reduction and silicone tips that create a perfect seal at the ear. This makes the BT 100 NC particularly suitable for travel. With so many features, you expect a reasonable price, but the BT 100 NC is offered at an unbeatable price. With the latest model, for $ 150, you won’t be out of luck with the BT 150 NC.


  • Nice look
  • Decently comfortable
  • Decent audio output



Now you can find high quality, Best wireless headphones for your hearing needs, with excellent sound quality, reliable wireless connectivity and a comfortable fit, all at a relatively affordable price. However, with so many options available, it is difficult to determine which 2020 Upgraded is: the best wireless headset for you. But we are sure that this list will help you choose 2020 Upgraded: best for your needs and budget. Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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