2020: Best USB Microphones In The World

2020: Best USB Microphones In The World

Currently, the Best USB microphones have become increasingly prominent each year. Although we don’t think they are on the level of replacing the condenser microphone connected to the XLR in the audio interface setup, we know many singers, podcasters and other vocalists who use USB microphones in a professional manner. It’s easy to use, because you get power directly from your computer and plug-and-play only with USB (it means Universal Serial Bus, if you were wondering) wireless problems and they are also relatively inexpensive. You can discuss what is best for hours, but when it comes to that, USB microphones can and will work regardless of use. Let’s go to 2020: the best models of the best USB microphones to see what you need to work with.

Here they are Top 10 Best USB microphones

Blue Yeti

It was a very easy choice when it came to that. Run a query on a popular search engine and you’ll see that Blue Yeti is included in all 2020 Updated: Best USB microphone articles and probably at the top. The blue microphones were extremely smart and accurate when they designed it. Of course, they wanted to use a larger market (which, in my opinion, would be the case if you made a product), treating the most important aspects with a microphone. You first have a selection of various patterns (choose between cardioid, bidirectional or omnidirectional and stereo).

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What you select depends on what you’re doing with the microphone, the controls on the front of the device (gain control, mute button and headphones), not to mention some options when it comes to colors and aesthetics. The sound quality of the Yeti is also fantastic, most people will certainly not be able to say that you use a USB microphone, especially one with this price, regardless of its use. I know some home studio rappers who use this and, if you podcast, this is one of the 2020 Updated: Better because it’s on your desk. Overall, this is one of the updated 2020: Best USB microphones at the moment.

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Samson Meteor

Here is another super popular USB microphone manufacturer that we are big fans of. This is another very popular brand when it comes to microphones and for good reason. The Samson Meteor is relatively similar to the Yeti in terms of size and construction and is one of the 2020 upgrades: the best USB microphones. What’s even better is that it is also a little cheaper than the Yeti. You get a very large diaphragm for a large recording surface (25 mm), a cardioid element and a folding mechanism for easy travel or storage.

The audio quality is also present, reaching a maximum of 16 bits, 48 ​​kHz (32 would have liked it, but beggars cannot choose, especially at this price). Another interesting feature is that it can be connected to your smart device (you need Apple’s converter); therefore, if you record in this way, it will be an advantage. Combined with a headphone connection and a solid design / construction, Meteor gives the Yeti a run for the money (literally, because it’s also a lot cheaper). Take it if you want to save some money instead of getting a Yeti.

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Audio-Technica AT2020USB +

One of the most popular and best USB microphones on the market, Audio-Technica’s AT2020 + is now famous. It looks exactly the same as a traditional XLR condenser microphone, but with USB connectivity. They have a normal AT2020 model, if you’re interested, but it’s pretty much the same, but with USB functionality. Best for singers or artists in general, due to the possibility of mounting it through a microphone and shock mount, it is a great alternative for those in a studio who prefer this over the traditional setup.

You have a condenser microphone on the side (speak for it), a cardioid polar pattern and super-clear sound quality. What’s useful is the fact that it comes with a table stand for tripod, if you wish, for a more convenient setup and a storage bag if you plan on traveling. Many swear by this microphone because of the sound and, although it is a little more expensive than the Yeti, it is slightly better in terms of overall audio quality. Take it if you have a few euros or you might want to use it as a traditional microphone; otherwise, it will still fit perfectly on your table with the pattern provided.

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Rode is our favorite microphone designer, period. We used their Rode NT-USB together with our friends when we recorded music and we couldn’t see that we’ve been making a change for a long time. The construction, stability and general quality of the sound that their microphones provide us are immeasurable. Here we have a relatively new model that they came up with and when we heard that it was USB connectivity, we had to see what it was about.

You get a mix control on the microphone, a directional cardioid pattern, a pressure gradient with a good 110dB SPL (you can probably scream and everything will be fine) and it comes with a pop shield, a tripod table mount mount ring, storage bag and USB cable. Usable ready to use, a solid condenser microphone, manufactured by Rode … what more could you want? If you have enough money, we recommend it, because it’s worth it and you get a high-quality USB microphone. Overall, this is one of the updated 2020s: the best USB microphones you can buy.

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Here is one of the updated 2020: the best USB microphones that save money, in our opinion. At a lower cost price (almost half the price of the previous models mentioned), the CAD U37 has a great cardioid recording pattern for good sound isolation, 10dB overload protection to prevent distortion and a bass reduction button to offer more personalized options. It has been declared to be effective when recording other instruments, if you do. You can play with the switches on the front (keep it at “0” if you record normal strings or voices).

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It’s not as good in terms of sound or build quality as other USB microphones available on the market (a little obvious because of the price), but if you want to save some money and want a cheaper alternative, this is by far 2020 Updated: Better and easier microphone in your wallet. There are also numerous criticisms, so you don’t blindly buy a cheap, unnamed brand at your local electronics store. Grab it with confidence if you want one of the updated 2020: Best USB microphones.

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Blue Snowball

Here is another appearance by Blue, although it is not a secret because they have three observations in this article. The Blue Snowball is very affordable and is one of the 2020 updated: the best USB microphones that offer pleasant sound quality. It also looks a little different and looks as seen in the photo compared to the Yeti. It is best suited for podcasters, players and the like. The sampling frequency is 44.1 kHz / 16 bits, which is equivalent to USB microphones that are three times more expensive; therefore, if you are concerned about quality, don’t do it.

It is a condenser microphone that can be switched between omnidirectional or cardioid and one of the updated in 2020: the best feature is aesthetics – it looks great when sitting at your desk and comes in almost 10 different colors. Super light and next to the keyboard when you perform your activities. I’ve heard of people recording vocals and guitars, you just can’t mount it on a traditional microphone stand with a shock stand (it comes with a mini tripod so you’re ready to come out of the box). Many people buy by appearance and feel alone.

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Shure PG42

Here is a little more professional quality and one of the updated 2020: the best USB microphones, but this is from one of our favorite microphone developers of all time at Shure. The Shure PG42 is as tall as you will be when it comes to USB microphones and contradicts many traditional capacitor models on the market. The PG42 is highly rated thanks to the integrated preamplifier with front gain control, zero latency monitoring to keep up with what you’re doing, ‘monitor mix control’ so you can hear the microphone and play audio simultaneously, as well as the headset into the microphone itself.

You can reach 48 kHz, so it is a little bit louder in terms of sound quality than the others in this article. So, if this is your biggest concern (it is one of ours), this must be the microphone to be used. Most recommended for artists looking for a USB microphone to match the professionals. For a few more euros, you can pack the package with a table stand and pop filter. If money weren’t a factor, it would easily win the 2020 Upgraded: the best USB microphone because of the audio quality and solid overall construction. One of the updated 2020: the best high-end USB microphones available.

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Samson Go Mic

Another of these manufacturers, but we note that Samson Go Mic is number 1 in many USB microphone articles on the internet, so we cannot ignore it. Because it is a little more economical and of good size for tables, it literally folds up for transport, so it is perfect for people on the move (hmm, hence the name?) For business trips, games, podcasting and more. Comes with a USB cable, cable clip, standard adapter and practical carrying case.

Users are delighted with the audio quality on such a small microphone, and the price is super affordable under fifty dollars. You can cut it at the top of the computer screen; therefore, if you want it in a remote location, you can do it too. It is a rival to the Blue Snowflake that we mentioned last in this article. We recommend that you travel more, in a Skype meeting or a type of microphone user who saves money. Overall, this is one of the updated 2020s: the best USB microphones to buy today.

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Apogee MiC +

The name Apogee Electronics always has the latest equipment. This is another studio-quality microphone, but HD recording has an appeal of up to 96 kHz / 24 bits. Apogee MiC Plus works well with iPhones, iPads and so on. So, if you’re looking for a microphone to record this way, this is 2020 Updated: the best option. You can also connect it via USB to an adapter, which is why we include it. It can be used in the traditional microphone studio setup with a standard, pop filter, and I heard that a large number of semi-professional artists use it for recording.

It covers almost all users here, whatever application you are ready to use. Plug-n-play, a good built-in A / D converter preamp for power and small size makes it reasonably ideal in terms of having it all. You can also mount it on your desk with a smaller tripod like the rest. We recommend this for iPad / iPhone users or for those who care about audio quality. And overall, this is one of the 2020 upgrades: the best USB microphones on the market.

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Blue Snowflake

And last but not least, we have Blue’s third most popular USB microphone on Snowflake. Therefore, the name is a smaller option compared to the others mentioned earlier. It’s a fierce competitor to Go Mic and it’s more of a Mac versus PC debate – no matter which route you go on, you basically get the same thing; a smaller USB microphone for traveling and cutting on the screen. Great for podcasting, games, Internet chat and more, we don’t recommend it for professional recordings or anything other than getting the job done, if you’re looking to save some money on a smaller model. The sampling frequency is the same as the Go Mic at 44.1 kHz and 16 bits and is a cardioid condenser microphone. An A / D converter with good quality audio, smaller and cheaper, is what it is – a cheaper solution for those who need something like this.

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O Best USB microphones now you can even start with studio quality microphones. They achieve popularity and overall quality and are incredible microphones for a variety of reasons – they are not only easy to use with their simple plug-and-play features for PCs, Macs or laptops, but they are also extremely versatile. about different “usage” and “apps”. Our list of the best USB microphones will surely help you get the ideal microphone.

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