The Best Smartphones Under $400

Best Smartphones Under $400

If you’re in the market to buy a new, better smartphone for less than $ 400, but want to get something more beautiful than a mid-range phone, here are some excellent options below $ 400 today. As technological advances and smartphones become more powerful, your ability to do more increases. As there are many other devices in this range, it is a very big task for everyone to choose the best phone they want. So, here are the best smartphones under $ 400 that you can buy in the U.S.

Best smartphones under $ 400

Google Pixel 3a

best smartphones under $ 400

The Pixel 3a has a good balance between hardware, specifications and experience. Yes, it is made of plastic, but it is well executed. Yes, it cut specs compared to the Pixel 3, but it fits phones exactly for that price. The features also match the competition, but, unlike other phones, the Pixel 3a has great software from Google, full of fun little features and guaranteed to be updated for years. However, what sets the Pixel 3a apart from the competition at this price is the camera.

Where it is totally acceptable for a phone under $ 400 to have an “ok” or “capable” camera, the Pixel 3a has an excellent camera – because it is exactly the same as the latest generation Google Pixel 3. This means that you not only get the best camera by far for $ 400, but also one of the best camera periods. Even the selfie camera is comparable to the Pixel 3, which is an area where mid-range phones generally save costs. And for now, this is the best smartphone under $ 400 you can buy right now.

Nokia 7.2

Nokia continues to manufacture meaningful and affordable phones with the same basic formula. You get solid hardware, substantial specs, with just those extra, reliable cameras and Android One software, cleaned and updated regularly. Nokia 7.2 adds some spice with stylish color options and a new triple camera that offers a much higher resolution to the primary sensor and supports it with a new wide-angle lens for exciting photos. Processor, storage, RAM and battery have been improved compared to Nokia 7.1, and it was no longer a mess. Overall, this is one of the best smartphones under $ 400.

Moto G8 Plus

best smartphones under $ 400

The Motorola Moto G8 Plus has a refined design compared to its predecessor below, with a graduated back, great prices, responsive fingerprint sensor and excellent battery life. The camera is a little simple, but capable, and there is serious competition in this market. Still, the Moto G8 Plus offers adequate performance for the price, and the problems are small. Overall, this is one of the best smartphones under $ 400 you can buy right now. Read our review of the Moto G8 Plus

Moto G7 Plus

The Motorola Moto G7 Plus is still one of the best smartphones under $ 400 on the market and is succeeded by the G8 Plus above. It offers a truly affordable, well-designed and capable device that has little to complain about its price. It is an excellent alternative if the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro is too much, or you want it cheaper than the G8 Plus.

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The main problems come from healthy competition and excessive automatic brightness adjustment. Still, overall, the Moto G7 Plus has a great design, excellent battery life, clean software experience and reliable camera results. It is easily recommended as one of the best affordable devices on the market – especially since it is probably cheaper now that your successor is here.

Samsung Galaxy A50

Samsung has stepped up its game with the Galaxy A50, reducing much of what makes its flagships great at a tasty price. You get an excellent 6.4-inch screen, much better specs than you’d expect, and a triple-flag camera that retains its value. Of course, you’re missing out on Samsung’s best metal and glass quality and there are some features that have been cut here and there, but the A50 does a great job and brings the essentials to the best smartphones under $ 400. And, in the end, it’s still a Samsung phone – with the consistency and features you expect. Read our review of the Samsung Galaxy A50

Xiaomi Mi 9

best smartphones under $ 400

The Xiaomi Mi 9 offers a lot of energy, a convincing camera experience and a great view with a minimal notch, all within a great design that looks great in the different colors offered. The mono speaker is not brilliant, there is no IP rating or microSD card, and MIUI software is not as good as the experience with Motorola software. Still, the Xiaomi Mi 9 offers a fantastic cost / benefit ratio, making it one of the most convincing phones for that price.

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