The Best DJ Headphones Right Now

The Best DJ Headphones Right Now

Best DJ Headphones it is a must for anyone who wants to be a successful DJ. Being a DJ means that it is our responsibility to shake up what people want: good music, depending on the occasion and the climate. Our ability to sense the general musical taste of individuals among us is daunting and a little difficult to explain – of course, we just know what people are going to let go. Even if there are no people around and we are stuck in our studio to make music, the equipment we use is a brand or a break when it comes to quality. Whether you’re a DJ or just want to update your current setup, we have some great options for you here today.

Best DJ Headphones Now – List

Pioneer HDJ-2000-K

We all know the name of the Pioneer DJ concept. They fit the perfect shape for the best DJ headphones and check out the list we provided earlier in this article. You have an extremely comfortable fit with versatile leather (which is most impressive). They fold up and have swiveling ear protectors, significant 50 mm dome drivers, decent 36 ohms, a carrying case, interchangeable cables and ear pads, and have a useful click when adjusting the earmuffs. The frequency range is quite wide from 5 Hz to 30 kHz and weighs around 11 grams, so it is not at all funny.

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The general specifications, features and comfort of these DJ headphones make them, in our opinion, the best, not to mention the positive reviews on the network to support you. It is a good investment, as you can replace the main components (pads, cables) to extend the service life for many years, if you take good care of it. Although it comes close to that and Xones, this is our favorite DJ headset, and they are highly recommended. The Pioneer HDJ-2000-K is in 1st place as the best headphones for DJ, because we cannot ignore the quality that they offer.

Allen & Heath XONE XD2-53

best headphones for DJ

We consider Allen & Heath to be one of the best DJ equipment manufacturers of all time, especially in the highest segment of the game. Talk to an experienced DJ, and they will swear by name. I talked to some DJs with whom I have been making music for a while and who swear by it. First, the construction quality is super solid; folding works perfectly and also provides us with a detachable cable if you want to replace the stand with a longer or shorter wire. The drivers are powerful with an impedance of 53 mm, 36 Ohm, a wide frequency range from 5 to 33 kHz and the ears are also spinning.

It comes with a carrying case that is never a bad thing. It was almost a tie between this and our previous choice, and these are a little bit cheaper; therefore, if you want to save a few euros, we will use these things. We even recommend keeping a few dollars, if necessary: ​​it’s one of the best DJ headphones out there, period. Not to mention: they look super smooth. Allen and Heath Xone XD2-53 are your exclusive headphones and are one of the best DJ headphones on the market.

Numark Red Wave

Numark DJ equipment receives the award as the best economic model; Red Wave offers only all the essential features at an affordable price that make it one of the best DJ headphones. The headphones rotate, the cable is detachable and the drivers are quite large at the price of 50 mm. Leather upholstery will not cause pain after a long time, but if you sweat a lot, it can be a little uncomfortable. You can take a break here and there to breathe your ears, because they cover them (design over the ear).

Many people swear this simply because of the price and the fact that quality gives many of the most expensive and popular models a run for their money. What’s interesting about this (or just one of the models in this article) is the fact that they can also be used for other activities, not just for DJs – you don’t have to limit it. We recommend that you use them as the best DJ headphones, if you have a limited budget – don’t be fooled by the price. Numark Red Wave won the best for less than $ 100, so we had to keep them here too.

Shure SRH750DJ

best headphones for DJ

Here, Shure is running on high quality DJ headphones and has a good reputation among us. Ear cushions are replaceable, which always makes our heads hit, because spending a decent amount on headphones means it’s an investment and will extend life considerably. You also get a carrying bag with it, and it’s quite light at a pound.

I heard that people use it for other activities, like mixing and mastering, video editing and podcasting – also good versatile headphones. We entered the fourth day because we still prefer Allen and Heath or Pioneer, but if you can find them on several sites at a lower price, you will need to buy it while it is cheap. Shure is always a good choice if you want quality products; they have proven it for decades. The Shure SRH750DJ is certainly one of the best DJ headphones on the market.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

The criticisms are too positive not to be included here. Not to mention the fact that they have many important functions that DJs need to look for when it comes to making headphones work. They come in three colors, black, blue or white; therefore, if aesthetics is important, you have a few options. The padding and the headband are made of leather, some of the most comfortable we use, to be honest.

Interchangeable (the 50x means it has the function that older versions do not) and the headphones rotate. Like the others, they fold and collapse when they come with a carrying bag. We recommend that you buy if you are an AT fan, as we, or more importantly, will use your headphones for a wide range of applications, rather than strictly DJ. These are one of the best DJ headphones at the moment.

Beyerdynamic DT-1350

best headphones for DJ

An article for headphones is not appropriate without some Beyerdynamics, right? They are one of the most expensive brands when it comes to headphones, and no, we don’t mean the Beats by Dre type – they’re not marketed as often, but they outperform others when it comes to construction and general specifications. The impedance is greater than all the other pairs in this article (80 Ohm); therefore, if power is important to you, this may be the pair you buy (yes, you need a headphone amplifier or an audio interface to fully power them).

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The headphones are, of course, rotatable, and the headband is very flexible for a natural fit – it’s a “split” so you can fit two parts around your head. A little different in terms of adjustment, but it works as intended. Beyerdynamic is one of the best brands of headphones on the market, so if you have that, trust the model that will take years. Super nice sound quality with this, and the only downside is that they exist when it comes to price, but if you can afford it and want a premium pair of the best DJ headphones, this is the perfect choice.


The most impressive thing that impressed you among other DJ headphones is the ‘bass boost’ button that is available – if you are in the mood for a few bumps, I say. Therefore, it is not necessarily good to mix and master, and if you put it on your headphones, you may not agree with what others hear. Other than that, the cable is detachable; you get 50 mm drivers and a super practical folding mechanism to finish them off as a solid pair for DJs.

They are quite light and comfortable, so don’t worry about the fit. Pick them up if you want a pair in the mid-price range and if you’re looking for an extra bass to beat your ears. A little harder to find on the net, the AKG K181 DJ offers us high quality at a reasonable price, as yet another one of our favorite choices as the best DJ headphones.

Sony MDR1A

best headphones for DJ

Good Sony Electronics here and this is probably the most expensive and one of the best DJ headphones we have in the article (depending on where you look). Still, with the specifications and functions, this is reasonably justified. The Sony MDR1A has only 40 mm drivers, but remember that the size is not necessarily better. You have several smartphone controls built into the cable; so if you plan on using it with a smart device (maybe with a DJ app?) or for daily use alongside your DJs, it’s great. It comes with a carrying case and the cable is completely interchangeable, but except that it is simple. We advise you to obtain this if you need any control over what you use; otherwise, there are cheaper models here that are better for DJs.

Stanton DJ Pro 2000

The ear protectors rotate, the cord (the broth is wrapped) is removable and the drivers are large at 50 mm. You get a mini-jack adapter and a carrying case for traveling, but other than that, you don’t get anything other than the others, but it’s still a good looking pair, especially if you pay attention to the brands. Stanton is quite synonymous with DJ equipment in general, and the construction is beautiful aluminum that you don’t easily break. They are reasonably cheap and comparable to Red Wave because most sites offer them for a Benjamin. These Stanton DJ Pro 2000 headphones are impressive and one of the best DJ headphones you can buy right now.

Behringer HPX2000

best headphones for DJ

The Behringer HPX2000 is super cheap, costs around twenty dollars (the price will change depending on the seller, please note), so if you are looking for a super friendly budget and one of the best DJ headphones, this may be the one that you want to watch. We mentioned them last because of the prices and in case you are looking for something within that range. The cups work as planned, a robust head construction and a very large dynamic range. Nothing special here, but it’s probably one of the best DJ headphones you can get for that price. We have included the latter to offer the option in the case.


When it comes to buying decent DJ headphones, you need something that looks good and can be treated with a high SPL without breaking or distorting. In this article, we examine the Best DJ Headphones that you can buy now. Our team personally reviews each headset mentioned in this list and only they have earned their place. Let us know what you think of this list by mentioning your thoughts in the comment box.

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