Slack reveals major design change

Slack reveals major design change

Working from home may have become a little easier after Slack had a major overhaul. The online collaboration platform is working on a design review as it appears to offer “a simpler and more organized Slack”. The changes, which Slack describes as the biggest since its launch, will begin to be implemented immediately, with users seeing the changes sometime in the coming weeks.

Slack says that the average paid user spends more than nine hours per business day on the platform, including approximately 90 minutes of active use, which equates to more than five billion shares per week.

“Overall, these improvements make it easier to use Slack, adapt to the way they work and access essential tools,” wrote the company in a blog post.

Among the new additions, there is a new navigation bar that allows users to move through channels and search across the company, meaning that there is no need to add multiple keys to move conversations. All important information is now stored neatly in the sidebar, including mentions, replies to your messages, files, people and applications in one place.

Starting a conversation is also easier, with a special “compose” button you can now create a message before sending it to a specific channel or contact. Concepts can be saved to return later or sent immediately.

Now, users with paid plans can also organize their Slack channels, instant messages and apps into customizable sections in the sidebar, allowing users to prioritize the chats they use most. This includes grouping chats into specific sections, which can be named, dragged and dropped to ensure that updates are never missed.

Originally posted 2020-03-19 09:11:39.

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