2020: Best Pokemon for 2020

2020: Best Pokemon for 2020

Best Pokemon – This year, the Pokémon franchise turns 21, and what better time to carefully remember and characterize our favorites throughout its two-decade history? If you are an anime fan, a gamer or the father with no sense of every chance, you know what Pokemon is. They are those adorable and colorful creatures on which countless games and episodes of bad Japanese cartoons are based. Today we are here with a list of 2020: Best Pokemon for 2020.

So, check out our list of Best Pokemon for 2020 below and let us know what you think of our list in the comments section below.


Like people, Pokemon comes in all sizes and shapes. Some are athletic and flexible, others cute and fluffy. And there is Snorlax, a creation whose defining characteristic is its talent for sleeping anywhere at any time. In games, they can be bothersome, a napping Snorlax can be found regularly blocking a path that prevents you from progressing.


Gyarados reaches 10th place. When the Mega leaves, it drops its Flying element to the Dark type, gains a lot of energy and does not change its height, both are a little over 6 meters tall. You don’t want to mess with these big guys according to the Pokedex Gyarados riots often and you can ruin entire cities with their ire.

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Milotic is a beautiful water snake Pokémon with a lovely tail and pink-browed fins – or whatever. I love it just because it evolves from ugly and ugly Pokemon Feebas fish. Milotic is a gentle reminder that we all look good.


Cubone is the saddest Pokemon out there. The little man wears a skull on his head, which is scary enough until you realize it’s the skull of the dead mother. According to Pokedex, ‘when you think of your dead mother, you cry. Crying makes the head that uses hollow rattle.


This mysterious and legendary Pokémon has two forms: Origin and Altered. The Origin shape drawn here is a little taller and more like a snake. I would be far from that monster; They say he was transported from Earth by a violent act. Now, silently follows events of an alternate and distorted dimension. Giratina is a vast and mysterious Pokémon, but we still have many other giants to explore!


You don’t need to know much about Rapidash to know why it’s so good: it’s a horse on fire. You will ride a horse, which is also on fire. At the same time. In addition, it has a unicorn horn, which, I suppose, makes it more aerodynamic, because it can travel more than 100 miles per hour.

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It is a simple Pokémon, but it is tall. It is true that Charizard is not a rare Pokémon. But it’s nice to know that this Pokémon is excellent, even if it is just an ordinary Pokémon. Its power is excellent at quite a speed.


I don’t know why, but Oddish is my favorite Pokémon. It is more likely because he is so kind. Imagine a blue turnip with goofy feet and a cartoon face, and you imagined Oddish.


Gengar is a basic Pokemon when it comes to rivaling Pokemon battles. It is a type of glass cannon; he has incredibly powerful attacks and is fast enough, but he can’t take much. Its design is nothing special, but the strength of Gengar and the fact that it becomes my favorite pokémon when fighting make it one of the updated 2020s: the best pocket monsters out there.


When Steelix releases its Mega form, it doesn’t get a new element, but it grows even more powerful. Its physical endurance status is incredibly high, and the creature receives some mysterious marks all over its body. If you choose gold over silver, get a rare “shiny” Steelix to train a brighter version of this titan.

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