Best Pentax Cameras

Today, we are here with the Best Pentax Cameras that you can buy right now. A one-time challenger to the ‘big two’ of Canon, Nikon, Pentax’s public profile nowadays seems much less, just like the width of his camera series. For example, it no longer offers mirrorless cameras. This is a real shame because its products have a reputation for great value and deliver a good performance.

The Pentax brand has actually been owned by Ricoh since 2011, and although Ricoh itself continues to sell compact cameras and 360 ° cameras under the Ricoh name, it has retained the Pentax brand name for its select range of digital single-lens reflex cameras, as well as for Pentax and only high-end camera with medium format: the also highly respected 645Z.

Buy a digital SLR and you actually buy a camera system. Fortunately, the Pentax brand has a long and impressive history, so there are plenty of new and older Pentax K-mount lenses and accessories for sale if you are a Pentax contractor. So that is something special about K.

Best Pentax Cameras

It is also worth mentioning, for anyone who needs a leap in megapixels and an increase in image quality – perhaps for commercial photography – the Pentax 645Z is one of the more approachable and more affordable mid-size cameras you can buy. In short, user-friendliness, value for money, and well-saturated images with a lot of detail must be what you make up a camera from this manufacturer for.

With the above in mind, let’s look at the Best Pentax Cameras currently on the market and available for purchase.

Pentax K-70

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The K-70 is robustly built to a semi-standard and has a smart design. It is probably the best all-around and one of the best Pentax cameras that photographers can buy because the weatherproof exterior is a rarity for its price. Also useful is an IBIS (in-body image stabilization) system with an equivalent performance of 4.5EV stops and, for traditionalists, the fact that the optical viewfinder has an almost 100% field of view.

With an 11-point AF system being offered, the Pentax uses a hybrid combination of phase-detection AF and contrast-detection AF for live image shooting. We are used to mirrorless cameras with modest battery life, so the 480 images delivered here seem reasonable, although it is a bit disappointing for a DSLR. Still, combine this with an LCD with variable angles and an image output that requires very little adjustment, and the K-70 reveals itself as one of the more reliable and consistent DSLRs you can buy.

Pentax KP

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Compact, robust, and full of features, such as the cheaper K-70, this angular DSLR option offers integrated integral image stabilization, robust, weatherproof construction with 67 seals plus a maximum ISO 819,200 light sensitivity setting to support low-light performance. Just like the K-70, the KP offers a relatively modest battery performance of 390 shots, but unfortunately, it does not offer the hybrid AF functionality of its brother.

Still, it has an interesting number of photographic options, including depth-of-field bracketing and motion-bracketing, along with a generous three control buttons for those of us who like to get involved. Like other Pentax cameras that you can buy, the KP delivers consistently beautiful images with lots of contrast and good exposure, making it ultimately a good alternative to the usual suspects. Overall, this is one of the best Pentax cameras on the market right now.

Pentax K-1 II

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Another classic DSLR option for those looking for one of the best Pentax cameras to purchase those packages in many functions while being used in a familiar way for photo enthusiasts. Again, with this as a Pentax, we’re being built-in shake reduction, but the real selling point here is the full-frame sensor with its 36.4 million pixel resolution. Also impressive is a ‘scissor action’ articulating rear screen and extensive exposure modes, along with two SD card slots.

It is not all great news; the camera only offers a modest maximum bps speed of 4.4 fps for full-frame shots, which are sufficient and do not impress sports or action photographers. There is also no hybrid phase-detection AF system for live view mode and ‘only’ Full HD video capabilities instead of 4K, but we are blessed by the same accurate and high-performance 33-point AF system as its predecessor. Ultimately, however, excellent image quality at an affordable price is what you are going to buy this flagship Pentax DSLR for.

Pentax 645Z

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If you need a Pentax camera with a high resolution, you’ll be happy to hear that this medium-sized option acts a bit like a larger version of the Pentax K-3 DSLR – meaning it’s not too frightening for those who take the step up. The 645Z, which replaced the previous 645D, has a solid feel and weather resistance and is therefore not resistant to rain, while it is also one of the more affordable MF cameras available. It is also flexible, allowing up to 10 raw files or 30 high-quality JPEGs to be recorded with the maximum recording speed of 3 fps.

Although not suitable for a high-end DSLR, most people will not purchase a medium-sized camera with speed as a priority, but rather a solution. Creative flexibility extends to a tiltable 3.3-inch screen that is suitable for both making live images and helping to record Full HD movies, for which a stereo microphone port is included. There are also, useful, two SD card slots for handling all that data. If it is a more approachable and slightly more affordable medium-sized camera that you are looking for, the well-received 645Z ticks many boxes and is one of the best Pentax cameras.