Top 8 Microsoft Office 2016 features will Amaze You

Top 8 Microsoft Office 2016 features will Amaze You

Update – 2020.08.03

Microsoft Office features will blow you away – As we know in September, Microsoft announced the availability of the Office 2016 desktop platform for Windows. Used by more than a billion people worldwide, Office is not only the most popular productivity package available on the planet, it is also one of the highest income channels for the company. After this huge launch, Microsoft finally started launching Microsoft Office 2016 worldwide. He added new features of cloud computing and teamwork. It is the modern edition of the cloud-based Office 365 subscription. It is also available for Apple Mac users.

Today, we’re here with a list of the top 8 Microsoft Office features that will surprise you. So, just read the resources below and leave comments if you want.

1. Office balance sheet

Microsoft included Sway, a tool the company previously introduced as a standalone service, directly into the Office suite. Sway allows you to make elegant media presentations that can be made and quickly incorporated into websites.

2. New themes

Microsoft finally introduced the long-awaited and requested dark theme option in Office. Now users can adjust the clear and bright interface to a dark gray theme with a radiant appearance. The dark theme will also be useful during night work.

3. Mail sorting

The Microsoft Outlook client now analyzes your email guide and the people you send the most emails to with priority to prioritize your inbox and present email is a much better way that not only saves your time, but also presents everything that it’s important to you.

4. Planner

Microsoft is also introducing a feature called Planner, which supports a team to create projects and create tasks and documents quickly. It uses Office Graph, a specialty that keeps a record of all documents, actions related to email and another log of a user’s activities.

5. Windows 10 support

There are a number of Windows 10 features that work very well with Office 2016. Windows Hello – a biometric authentication test that the company introduced with the new desktop operating system that checks a person’s face to log on to the computer – and also with Microsoft Office 2016., Cortana can also work together with Office applications, carry important information and perform useful tasks.

6. Share data easily

Sharing is currently the most important part for all office users. Because they can’t do anything without sharing, it means what I’m saying. There are many documents that we share. To consider this feature, Microsoft just provided click on the Share button on the ribbon bar. With the help of this button, you can see who has rights to access the documents.

7. Typing in real time

Microsoft Office 2016 provides a real-time typing feature. With this new feature, you can collaborate on your document with others and vice versa. With this feature, you could see while your partner is editing the document.

8. Microsoft Visio and Visio Pro

Microsoft Visio comes with suitable new features, such as redesigned and new form and more. It contains all new IEEE Basic electrical models based on type. You can now connect your Excel data with Visio diagrams.

So above, it all comes down The Top 8 Microsoft Office Features Will Surprise You. I hope you enjoy it, so don’t forget to share this post with others.

Originally posted 2020-04-11 00:14:58.

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