iPhone 12 release date: upcoming iPhone won’t be delayed due to Coronavirus

The next iPhone 12 is unlikely to be affected by Covid-19, says a new report, despite widespread complications for the technology sector caused by the ongoing pandemic. This report is from Bloomberg and describes how Apple’s supply chain is affected by the coronavirus. The effects are felt in China (where Apple’s manufacturing facilities are located) and abroad (where Apple’s parts suppliers have factories).

According to the report, the iPhone 12 units, including the expected iPhone 5G, will not be manufactured until May. It is possible that production may resume in China and other markets until then, although this is still uncertain at the moment.

When the coronavirus outbreak began in China, many factories and production facilities closed or at least slowed production, making certain iPhones, such as the iPhone 11 series, more difficult to obtain in some stores.

While this is positive news for anyone who is enthusiastic about the iPhone 12, the Bloomberg report also mentions a source who says there is always a chance that the timeline could fall if the company fails to solve problems at the factories by the end of the year. year.

However, it looks like Chinese production could resume production of Apple devices. An industry rumor in recent days has suggested that the affordable iPhone 9, which Apple was due to launch in mid-2020, has started to produce widely.

In addition, new iPad Pro 2020 models and new MacBook Air laptops were unveiled just days before the report. Bloomberg suggests that these devices were probably manufactured in early January, before China closed. It appears that the main effect of coronavirus on Apple products was the reduced number of devices on the iPhone 11.

We have started to hear rumors about what the next iPhone 12 series will look like, but with a launch event scheduled for September 2020, based on Apple’s annual planning, they are probably still a long way off.